The Creative Pixel Project – Connecting People Around The World

We believe that everyone needs to feel connected. We also believe that art brings people together in a way, that only art can. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world. Everyone has a story of how being in quarantine has affected his or her life and we want to see, how it’s affected yours.

This is why we created The Creative Pixel Project.” Our goal is to bring people together from around the world and connect them through an inclusive art project. The idea is to create a large-scale digital mural made up of hundreds of original illustrations. Each illustration selected for the project, will be converted into one pixels used in the final large scale digital mural. The theme for the illustration is-


Participation in “The Creative Pixel Project” is FREE and open to everyone who loves to draw. No matter what your age, artistic ability or background is. All you need to do is to submit an original illustration to qualify.

Each of the illustrations submitted to the project could potentially become one of a hundred pixels used to create the large-scale digital mural.

All illustrations that are submitted to The Creative Pixel Project will be evaluated based on their creativity and content.

Once the final mural is created and produced, it will be shared on social media. We also hope to produce large scale printed murals and have them hung in cities around the world.

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