Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – June 2020

In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world.

Watercolors by Xevi

Submitted by Xavier Centellas
My name is Xavier and I live in Mataró, a city located 30 km north Barcelona. I started to paint watercolors some years ago, I learned by myself. I stopped painting but then, during quarantine, I started to paint again. My paintings are small watercolors, some of them specifically designed to be used as bookmarks, and others just small pieces of art, with sizes from 21×8 to 34×12.

landscape in the park by naoki ando


Submitted by Miranda Pennington
Each postcard will have a starting bid of just £1. Will you find the ‘secret’ artists work? In 2018, St Richard’s Catholic College, raised almost £15,000 for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in memory of former pupil, Sophie Maria Taylor, who died in April 2017. Celebrities, renowned artists – including Sir Quentin Blake, Liz Pichon, Thomas Taylor and Bob & Roberta Smith – pupils, parents, staff and accomplished local artists were among those to contribute wonderful art work to the Secret Postcard auction, and more than 570 original postcards were auctioned on eBay.

To commemorate what would have been Sophie’s final year at St Richard’s, we are again running the Secret Postcard auction. The response has been phenomenal and close to 1000 postcards have been submitted by incredible artists. You can see some of the ‘secret’ artists here . All proceeds to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Book Cover Illustration 3 by Keiko Tachihara

Impressionism Art by Corrie van der Wath

Submitted by Corrie van der Wath
Nothing in the outer world has meaning, until our inner world gives it meaning.  To me, creativity is creating our own version of the world – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Our inner world allows us to romanticise life amidst harsh realities, creating our unique story. Triggered by events that have a profound impact on us, my art is an interpretation of how these events influence our thinking and identity. Art allows us to communicate through our images to others, giving them something to reflect on and treasure as their own. I wish for people to experience the richness of what is possible and realise that everything can be reframed. I love it when people find themselves in the art I create

My technique is heavily influenced by impressionism and abstract art concepts, and created by manipulating oils, acrylics and ink through splashing, painting, spraying, and flowing.

Moleskine – 2014 Jan by Enes Diriğ

MY JOURNEY by Oday Jano

Submitted by Oday Jano
Royal king of Ketaland. My name is Oday M. Jano (UODDDAY) and I do Digital Art.

Passing through half of the actual world, meeting thousands of humans and learning countless stories, till my prophesy gifted me with a deep desire and passion to live with a sense of purpose for something greater than myself. 

I can describe my work between photo manipulation and digital collage techniques: being developed with a combination of traditional photography and mixed media production.

The ideas behind each artwork are the moments expressed by the emotions and the imagination of my sense. My art is about using endless patterns of colors to rearrange the universal objects and produce an original concept of the world from a different dimension. 

The interrelation and the dynamics of polarized contrasts within a spiritual awakening thrived to save the soul of the Mankind.



My Body Is My Temple by Emily Dayson

Submitted by Emily Dayson
I’m Emily, a Freelance Illustrator based in Cheshire UK. I’ve recently been focusing on a personal project named ‘My Body Is My Temple.’ In the series I focus on the deep rooted connection that exists between females & nature as a form of women’s empowerment. In some of the pieces I explore the way in which immersing ourselves in nature can benefit our mental wellbeing. In others I focus on areas of the female form that are often perceived as imperfect. I hope that by attempting to reinvent these flaws through the use of natural forms, such as plants and flowers, people may look at themselves and others in a different way. A more positive way that reminds them of our true and natural forms.


Song Illustration by Rhea Bambulu

Submitted by Rhea Bambulu
Songs were used as an art tool that told a lot of stories and feelings through various tones since the beginning of time. And for some people like me, who are likely numb and always have a hard time to cry, converting my feelings through illustration helps me to scream. My interest in illustrating songs began since my first Cover Album project with Deredia Band in 2016. Since then, I started to explore the interrelations of sounds, feelings, colors and expressions that I want to convey to the world. It might be a bit difficult, especially if we don’t recognise the feeling itself. 

But the journey alone helps me learn a lot and the process develops by itself. Most of my works are still fan art, but hopefully in the future I can work for local or international musicians as well. 

I Love Guido by Chiara Vercesi

Submitted by Chiara Vercesi

Food for Thought by Samuele Rovituso

Submitted by Samuele Rovituso
The world faces an imminent waste problem. One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tonnes per year.

Food for thought is a social advertising campaign made to instill behavioural changes in the community that will help reduce food waste generation. To do so we create a poster and put it up where people buy their food: in the marketplaces.

Dramatic Room by Poorna Chandra Naidu

Submitted by Poorna Chandra Naidu
Hi, I’m a graphic designer. Here I shared one of my finest designs, took care of every aspect. I hope you will like it.  Check out my instagram page for more illustration pieces like this @geekygraphicolic . Thank you.

Kent Galleries by David H J Kent

Submitted by William Kent
David H. J Kent was born in Weybridge, Surrey, England in July 1936. David was the middle son of three from his parent’s William and Florence. He was brought up in a poor, but happy family; where he spent his childhood in a climate of rationing and deprivation; although he did not realise this at the time as all his friends and neighbours were all in the same situation. David had always been interested in art from a very early age. He was always at the table drawing, sketching or had his nose in an art book. As a schoolboy he studied old Victorian tomes full of wonderful prints of various illustrators from that time. So how did a boy from war-torn England come to obtain these old Victorian books? Well strangely, they seemed to be cheap and in plentiful supply after the war, in jumble sales (or rummage sales, the name for them at the time). Famous ink-and-pencil artists also caught his eye notably the works of Aubrey Beardsley and later on MC Escher.

Images from my portfolio by Matthew Moriarty

Submitted by Matthew Moriarty
Hi I’m Matt & I’m an Illustrator. I draw a range of styles with my main focus on character design, children’s book art,  concept art & digital art.

Stay Home Stay Connected by Rohanne Thomson

Submitted by Rohanne Thomson
Hello! My name is Rohanne Thomson, I am an illustrator and designer based in Edinburgh, UK. My work is full of bright palettes, bold design, and playful characters. I create with the goal of turning black and white scenarios into colourful artworks with a positive message.

I graduated from University in 2019 with a degree in Communication Design. Since then I have been developing my illustration style through personal projects as well as freelance work. I have experience in editorial illustration, branding, campaign design and portraits. I am currently working on expanding my portfolio into packaging and motion design – I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

CYNCOR ARTWORKS by Cyncor Artworks

Submitted by Cyncor Artworks
The core foundation of the Cyncor Artworks Brand is the need to bring the world positive, cool and unique designs that will make a person not only stand out for all the right reasons but to also evoke a sense of thought and encourage the wearer see the world differently.

Our Art is available on a wide range of products which include T-shirts, Art Prints, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts and Cell Cases etc. and all merchandise is printed on the highest quality.

Exciting Watercolor Portraits by Nacho Gonzalez

Submitted by Nacho Gonzalez
Expressive And Colorful Watercolor Portraits. Watercolor Technique Dominating

Fruit Watercolor Illustrations by Luli Reis

Submitted by Luli Reis
Art and creativity have been present in my life since childhood, and played an important part in who I am today. Nature is my biggest inspiration and also the main focus of my work as an artist and illustrator. I work mostly with watercolors and I am absolutely passionate about botanical art.

Lately I’ve been loving painting fruits and showcasing their beautiful and fascinating colors, shapes and textures. We perceive food not only by its taste, but also by its visual. That being noted, my aim is to make enticing food illustrations, with rich colors and contrasts to really attract the viewer.

Non commissioned – public demand illustrations by Arjav Jain

Submitted by Arjav Jain
First of all, thanks to YDJ for giving me this platform to express myself and my journey here.
Hello all. Hope this finds everyone in the best of their health and safety. I have been working on illustrations, especially faceless ones for the last 6 months, yearning for perfect and looking for my style of art. I still haven’t come to a conclusion but, the work goes on and on.

Started my Instagram page and work as a freelancer, on the 3rd of May, about 7 weeks ago. The art has been noticed by quite a number of the celebrities and the gram influencers. Being a beginner, I have kept the rates low and the work maximum. I work through the day and night, trying to learn learn and learn. Every new illustration is a new challenge for me, being an artist. I have always had the passion for the colors, shades and the lines. Other than illustrations, have been interested in sketching, designing and photography. The nature, art and the universe have my heart.

I have worked with a few brands and companies, as online collaborations for their logo, merchandise and providing digital illustrations to their customers. Not only do i illustrate but i take fun in doodling cartoons and other random stuff as well. The presented project is one of my favorites, from the illustrations of the groups to single person illustrations and providing transparent PNG files for the custom prints, the work has gained a momentum and given me a lot of motivation to keep up with what I do.

Keeping my mind open, the inflow of the thoughts and ideas is a feeling of extreme pleasure. Illustrating the famous bands and group is quite a task – requiring effort, patience and time. I myself have made a few, those include – Maroon 5, Coldplay, OneDirection, BTS, Jonas Brothers, the Indian hit movie – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and planning to do many more ahead. The backgrounds and styles have varied from no boundaries, borders to those with solid backgrounds, white and black borders and the mixed colors, gradient created backgrounds. Art has always been a fun process, never tiring, the perfect dose for brightening a dull day.

The desire to keep up what I do makes me wake up everyday. Starting illustrations as a hobby, today I can say it has become a passion. There has been not a single day since I started that passed without me producing a piece or two. I have covered just a small bit of my journey, started with it. There is definitely much more to come and achieve. 

Here’s a link to my Instagram profile if someone would like to check it out. 🙂 Looking forward to a journey full of experiences, learning and working for everyone who needs an identity for their brands or themselves.

Regards and Best wishes to everyone,
Arjav Jain

Forest Walk by Lavender

Submitted by Lavender
Most of my drawings don’t have a meaning or a big meaning to them. I normally just pick up my pen or pencil and draw whatever comes to mind. ‘Forest Walk’ on the other hand is one that is meaningful and helped me find my new style and what I like to draw. And I’m more than happy to share it with others.

Children Book Illustrations by Erna Arzumanyan

Submitted by Erna Arzumanyan
Hi! I’m illustrator and graphic designer from Armenia. I’ve had a passion for drawing since I was a child, I’ve painted everywhere, on walls, on asphalt, in notebooks and so on. When I got older, I finally decided that this is what I want to do in life, to create drawings and illustrations for children and not only. After graduating the school I entered the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia. Now I’m a professional illustrator and I love what I do!

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