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Pantone Wants Us to “Embrace the Warmth” in 2024

It’s “Peach Fuzz” or PANTONE 13-1023, for 2024!

It’s interesting to see how Pantone selects a color that not only reflects current trends but also aims to inspire and uplift people during challenging times.

Peach Fuzz PANTONE 13-1023 is a warm and lovely peach hue tucked between pink and orange.

Image source: Pantone.com

This colour is carefully chosen to evoke feelings of warmth, optimism and creativity for the coming year.

As we face global challenges, Peach Fuzz promotes togetherness, introspection and “a message of compassion and empathy” according to Pantone Color Institute when they announced it on December 7th, 2023.

How to use Peach Fuzz or PANTONE 13-1023?

Peach Fuzz or PANTONE 13-1023 applications
Image source: Pantone.com

In interior design, the peach hue can help cultivate a sense of peace and relaxation. Whether it’s used as wall décor, furniture, or in a painting — the hue subtly warms up cozy interiors.

For designers who are looking to bring a touch of youthfulness and vibrancy to their projects, Peach Fuzz’s warm hue pairs well with both neutral tones and bolder shades, allowing for endless possibilities in creating unique and visually appealing designs.

Peach Fuzz also highlights the merging of both the physical and digital worlds.

See how the following projects use Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024.

Koji Saryo Café / Atsushi Suzuki + Transit Branding Studio

Photo courtesy of Transit Branding Studio™
Photo courtesy of Transit Branding Studio™

SÈMÈONE Center / COBLOC Architecture

Photo courtesy of COBLOC Architecture

Peach Fuzz – craft beer label design by Jen Borror | Hoot Design Studio

Foral Peach Fuzz by Rafael Ribeiro

Colorful Mosaics House / Manoj Patel Design Studio

Photo © Darshan Dave
Photo © Darshan Dave
Photo © Darshan Dave

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