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How to Nurture the Power of Creativity?

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Have you ever woken up with a sparkling idea ringing like a bell in your head?

That eureka moment when you successfully accomplish the problems nailing your head feels quite satiating. The power of the brain is so immense that it is capable of interpreting and creating anything that we wish to do.

Professionals like artists, architects, engineers and athletes have designed and transformed the path of their field through creativity. Every idea or solution is like a creative wheel steering them forward.


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When people talk about Steve Jobs, we know that he was simply one of the greatest innovator, wizard and technology entrepreneur we’ve ever had. I believe it the depth of his creativity that led him to create world-class technology for humanity. Every individual is born creative and he/she must engage in the classroom of creativity to nurture the solution.

In my childhood, when my school teacher used to define a problem and asked us to solve them, I used to panic thinking that I might not be able to reason out with a relevant logic. Now I understand that the intention was to drill our brain, find creative ways to solve, interpret the methods and conclude with innovative steps to become a solution builder. The bank of ideas never pours down from the sky, but it is a consistent practice of old ideasprocess of viewing an idea with a fresh outlook and ability to connect those dots.


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The library of invention is all about the brain game capable of breaking, mending and building creativity. Creativity exists everywhere in our daily life. Our sub-conscious mind uses creative ways to lead a day. Remember, how stone age man used stones to lit the fire and now all we do is just strike a match stick to the match-box. Our mind and action of those ideas have transformed the way we look at everything. It is genuinely creative how we humans have fine-tuned our lifestyle and made things simpler to comfort our experiences.

Design is never created out of the blues. But they are always created with a strong vision. When you have a vision you are enabled with a free flow thinking, and this enables to plan and carve a masterpiece design.


Here are few tips to boost your creative outcome

1.  Process Orientation

We plan our day to make it fruitful and accomplish all the setup tasks. Although we make a to do list, the process flow should be defined and followed. The level of creativity affects the outcome of our day.


2.  Plan

Planning is the key to productivity at work. A magnificent building construction requires meticulous planning by the architects, designer and engineers. Similarly, we need to prepare the process flow, timeline and prototype for any design.


3.  Test

Validation is important to understand the genuineness and quality of any work. A creative idea must be capable of proving its usefulness to the system. Any product that does not function as per the required needs cannot be a proven creative system.


4.  Upgrade

While looking after the daily needs, one should keep looking around for minute details, absorb the information and keep learning to get refreshing ideas. Be it your science project at school, coding for your website or designing interior for your client, the world demands a fresh perspective every time. Upgradation enhances the creativity to swim better into the idea pool.


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The science behind creativity is evolved through observation and scrutinization of a problem. The biggest asset for creativity is curiosity. Curiosity provokes the desire to learn and dig from a bunch of information and eventually the information is collected and connected together to form an idea. An idea is later transformed into reality by applying them to any product, service, platform or market standards.

There are no hard and fast rules to creative thinking, but there are ways to enhance your creativity.

  • Observe
    See what other don’t choose to see. If you ever visit a website, get the feel of a user experience, colour palette, typography, background and other elements building the website. Whenever you travel, notice the hoardings, building structure, merchandise, interiors and so on. Focus and pick up what you like from others. These details will definitely inspire you for the aligned assignment.


  • Keep scribbling
    If you ever feel bored over work or studies, grab a scribble note and start drawing or sketching or writing or painting or anything suits you the best. This channelizes the energy in a creative way and lets out your thought process. You’ll notice the expressions you capture in the note. Apart from this, make sure to carry a small scribble note to pen down any idea or inspiration that appeals to you.


  • Build a background
    When I see a vacant land, I build imaginary buildings and design around it. I imagine how well the space can be utilized. Our mind is like a magic wand that can transform a barren land into a beautiful palace. Keep visualizing about how you see things and interpret them. Try to validate those ideas through a platform, support or seed them through incubator if it is enabled to impact the society.


  • Don’t overthink!
    Too many thoughts spoil the creative space
    . When the state of mind runs like a roller-coaster, give it a break and de-clutter your thoughts by breaking down each element. Later, re-organize those ideas with preferences.


Concluding Thoughts

The first thought of being creative is to believe in yourself. Let no one else decide how creative you can be. Everyone is blessed with a strong instinct and adaption towards the environment and their nature. So your first inspiration must be adopted from things around you. They influence your thought process, emotion and ideas to drive the creative bee in you.

Starting from large to small structure observe the landscape, building, trees, room interior, wall hangings, furniture, floor, television, laptop, background wallpaper, website icons and logo design.

Don’t you think, there are zillion things to count the inspiration from? I personally consider Pinterest as one of the best source of website for brilliant ideas and inspiration. Right from UI design to room décor, you can pick any style of area to work upon.

Maintain healthy interactions with people both offline and online. Discuss the field that interests you the most. Through brainstorming, your brain will start ticking faster and will be enabled to expand the creativity. Keep your mind pro-active by updating yourself with the right information and stay consistent in practicing your strong ideas. The creative bud will keep growing once it is nurtured with a fresh outlook, balanced mind and good health.



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