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Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Work – October 2016

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We have more hand-picked hand lettering and typography designs to inspire you this October 2016. Check out the following creative typography that have not been featured in our previous collections. Take note of the details, you will be amazed!

If you think you have an impressive piece of typography to share, your work can be featured on YDJ. So feel free to submit your best piece here.

Hanging Shelves by Veronique Zayas for HatchMark Studio


Who run barter town? by Philip Eggleston


Make Old Things New Again by Adam Trageser


Sir Barton 1919 Poster by Tron Burgundy


Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine. by Design Different


Skills pay the bills by Lucas Young


Nike Tennis posters: THE DUBAI OPEN by Leonardo Borges


Printed Neck Tag Detail by Sean McCabe


The Hour Before Dawn


And then I realised…


A smooth sea…

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