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10 Best Phone Stands for Recording Art and More (2024)

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Updated: January 09, 2024

The importance of consistently creating high-quality video recordings on a smartphone cannot be overstated for artists, content creators, and influencers alike.

Having said that, you’ll need the best phone stands. But not all models have the same features and some can adapt to certain jobs better than others.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best phone stands that are perfect for recording painting, drawing, timelapses and of course for live streaming.

We looked at a number of aspects while determining the top ones, including pricing, quality, performance, and user reviews.

So, feel free to take a look at our top 10 recommended best phone stands below.

Table of Contents

What are the best phone stands that will meet your creative needs and more?

  1. Elitehood Heavy Duty Overhead Tripod
  2. yAyusi Overhead Phone Mount
  3. LUXSURE Overhead Phone Holder with 10″ Ring Light
  4. Lamicall Gooseneck
  5. SupeDesk Phone Stand
  6. UBeesize 62″ Tripod Stand with 12″ Ring Light
  7. Viozon 3-in-1 Phone & Tablet Stand
  8. PHOPIK 55″ Phone Tripod
  9. Soonpho Professional Multi-Functional Tripod
  10. Glide Gear OH100 Professional Overhead Mount


  • What is the best way to film myself painting?
  • What is the best way to record video art on my phone?

1. Elitehood Heavy Duty Overhead Tripod

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The Elitehood Heavy Duty tripod features a 4-position (swivel, rotate, tilt and 360° angle adjustment) arm that makes overhead recording easy and seamless both horizontally and vertically.

This versatile tripod is perfect for a variety of settings, including workspaces, desks, and kitchen counters. It’s great for capturing photos, art and cooking videos, live streaming and outdoor timelapse shootings.

The stand and phone arm are made of heavy-duty aluminium and its incredibly stable, even when extended up to 25 inches (63.5cm). Plus, it weighs just 2.2lbs (1kg), making it lightweight and easy to carry.

It can hold iPhones and Android phones even with bulky cases on. It also includes a wireless remote for convenient recording and photo-taking.

What we love about this product?
•  Covers all-round viewing angle
•  Made from high quality aluminium, ensuring durability and stability
•  Portable and foldable – comes with a carry bag and Bluetooth remote for added convenience.

2. yAyusi Overhead Phone Mount

yAyusi Overhead Phone Mount with Articulating Arm SmartPhone Holder with remote controlled LED Ring Light Clamped to a desk (white in color).
Image source:

The yAyusi Overhead Phone Mount excels in style, functionality and realiability.

The phone stand features a aluminium neck that extends to 31″ (79 cm) in length. It can be bent to any height or angle to suit your needs.

Its 360° phone clip can be adjusted up to 4.09″ (10.4 cm) wide. This means it can accommodate larger phones like the iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max and even the iPad Mini. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally to provide you with the best filming and shooting angle.

This yAyusi Phone Mount also comes with a 5-level adjustable remote controlled & removable LED light.

Most users who purchased this beauty praised its durability and the brightness of its LED light. It’s perfect for video recording, online teaching, remote work, Zoom calls, drawing, and sketching.

What we love about this product?
•  Foldable and easy-to-store phone mount
•  Strengthened aluminium telescopic neck bracket
•  Multi-functional and very sturdy rubberized phone clamp
•  USB powered and chargeable LED light with great level of brightness.

3. LUXSURE Overhead Phone Holder with 10″ Ring Light

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This is a newly upgraded LUXSURE phone and camera mount.  It features a 10-inch ring light and stand which can hold up to 3.3lbs (up to 1.5kg) of weight, making it compatible with most smartphones and digital cameras.

The table mount has a cushioned design that protects your table top when clipped on and fits most desks of up to 2.2 inches (5.6cm) thick.

This phone mount also includes a handy Bluetooth remote that allows you to easily take photos, record videos, and adjust the lighting.

What we love about this product?
•  Very easy to use
•  Durable phone mount
•  Versatile and flexible 360° arm

4. Lamicall Gooseneck

Lamicall gooseneck phone stand table clamp compatible with 4.7 - 7 inch phones
Image source:

The Lamicall Gooseneck phone mount and stand supports all types of smartphones. This is a much improved version of Lamicall’s phone stand products in terms of quality and design.

The gooseneck is leather-wrapped and the phone clip is sturdy enough to hold heavier phones. It uses a ball swivel joint, which makes it easier to adjust. You can use it to hold your phones horizontally or vertically.

Customers who bought it love the easy screw-on base which makes the clamp easy to mount on bedframes, desk, chairs and kitchen counters.

What we love about this product?
•  Very sturdy
•  Good quality material and design
•  The 360° adjustable gooseneck – ideal for taking overhead video recordings.

5. SupeDesk Phone Stand

SupeDesk Phone Stand holding a phone overhead (product image in white background)
SupeDesk Phone Stand big and small phone holder and height adjustable measurements
Image source:

The SupeDesk Stand comes with 2 size holders to hold your smartphone and tablet of up to 7 inches (17.8cm).

It is simple to switch from vertical, horizontal and overhead recording mode with it’s double-joint design. For overhead video shoots and desk use, this stand works great. The primary pole’s height can be adjusted from 12″ to 22″ (30cm to 56cm).

The round iron base has a non-slip pad underneath and firmly supports the pole. However, this stand is not ideal for holding iPad Pros.

What we love about this product?
•  Easy to install right out of the box
•  The adjustable arm with 360º rotation.

6. UBeesize 62″ Tripod Stand with 12″ Ring Light

UBeesize 12
Image source:

The UBeesize ring light and tripod stand is a value buy for serious content creators, influencers, and Vloggers.

The impressive 12-inch LED ring light provides a wide range of color temperatures and brightness levels, making it perfect for professional live streaming and capturing stunning product photos.

With the ability to extend up to 62 inches (1.3 meters), the tripod stand also triples as a convenient selfie stick and table top phone holder. You’ll have the flexibility to capture shots from various angles. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode, low or high angle shots, this piece of equipment has got you covered!

Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, cameras, iPads, webcams, and GoPros.

What we love about this product?
•  Versatile and flexible tripod stand
•  Intuitive and responsive touch controls
•  Sturdy tripod that won’t easily topple over
•  Easy to setup and use, including easy pairing of the Bluetooth remote.

7. Viozon 3-in-1 Phone & Tablet Stand

Viozon 3-in-1 Phone & Tablet Stand with remote ring light brightness controller product image in white background
Image source:

The Viozon 3 in 1 Stand includes two holders for your phone and tablet (supports to 3.5″ – 13″) and a high quality 8″ (20.3cm) USB powered ring light (adjustable 3-color modes).

Each arm joint has the ability to rotate. Three tension points on the folding arm can be adjusted to modify the arm’s tightness. When setting up this stand, simply tighten the pieces to ensure that your mobile devices are securely fastened.

The strong spherical iron base ensures a secure grip and the arm’s shaft is made of high-quality aluminum alloy.

This multi-functional stand is ideal for everyday use from filming your art project, to live streaming and video conferencing.

What we love about this product?
•  Multi-functional & affordable
•  Built with high-quality materials
•  Can securely hold a phone, tablet, and ring light – all at the same time.

8. PHOPIK 55″ Phone Tripod

Image source:

The PHOPIK 55-inch tripod has three height adjustable leg locks. You can adjust the tripod’s height from 16″ – 55″ (16cm – 140cm), making it ideal for video shooting at various angles.

You can do both indoor and outdoor video recording with it. A high-quality zippered bag is included for easy carrying.

This multi-functional phone tripod is ideal for creatives, travelers and content-creators alike. It can hold smartphones, DSLR cameras, GoPros and even your ring light.

What we love about this product?
•  Easy to use
•  Multi-functional
•  Made of high-quality aluminium

9. Soonpho Professional Multi-Functional Tripod

Soonpho Q992H 70inch Professional Camera Tripod,3-in-1 Aluminum Alloy Tripod & Horizontal Tripods & Detachable Monopod with 360 Degree Ball Head for DSLR Cameras
Image source:

The Soonpho Professional Tripod was designed with professional photographers in mind. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The legs are extendable from 22” to 61” (56 – 155 cm) and foldable to form a compact size of 16″ (40.6 cm).

The 25mm-diameter thick tripod has a weight capacity of up to 17.6lbs (8kg). It can hold most smartphones, mirrorless and DSLR cameras with added security and stability. It’s also detachable and can be converted into an 18.8″ (48 cm) height monopod.

This Soonpho tripod offers a variety of shooting angles, including panoramic shots, low shooting angles, overhead photography and macro photography.

What we love about this product?
•  Sturdy multi-functional tripod
•  Removable legs with foam grip
•  Quick release plate mount connects to devices fast and easy
•  Suitable for use in extreme outdoor environments.

10. Glide Gear OH100 Professional Overhead Mount

Glide Gear OH100 Professional Overhead Mount with a DSLR camera hung overhead
Image source:

If you’re a professional artist and/or videographer, and are getting more involved in shooting or video recording, the Glide Gear OH100 Professional Overhead Mount is a must have for you.

The OH100 is constructed of rugged aluminium & steel and contains a 1/4″ 20 mounting bracket as well as twenty 1/4″ holes along the legs and top bar to allow you to set your equipment exactly where you need it.

The stand is strong enough to support smartphones, DSLR cameras, and lighting. The height can also be adjusted. This gear is perfect for product photography, timelapse videos and stop motion animation.

What we love about this product?
•  Easy to assemble
•  Long-lasting metal construction
•  Especially perfect for studio use.


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