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Logo Design Ideas: Best Logofolio Collection from 2020 – 2023

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Looking for more logo design inspiration? The following is a collection of outstanding logofolio projects from the 2020s, created with love by designers whose work we discovered on Dribbble and Behance.

This is the largest collection of logo sets we’ve ever curated. Comprising symbol, pictorial, abstract and monogram logos to wordmark & lettermark logos, as well as 3D and animated logos – the following are ones that impressed us the most.

You can also reach out to us if you want to be included in our list. Just remember to submit your best work to be featured.

Logofolio projects 2020

Logofolio projects 2021

Logofolio projects 2022

Logofolio projects 2023


Logofolio projects 2020

Logotypes / 2020 by Sasha Tomar


Logofolio 2020 – Abstract marks by Davor Butorac


Logo Collection 2020 by Halo Lab


Logos & Marks 2020-2021 by Johann Banta


Animal Logos and Marks 2020 – 2022 by DAINOGO


2020 Logofolio (3/6) by Patrick Tuell


LOGOFOLIO 2020 – Anastasia.pd by Anastasia ✺ Popova-Demidova


Logofolio projects 2021

Logos & Marks – Logofolio 2 by Letícia Trovo and Imersa Studio


YEAR END COLLECTION | LOGOFOLIO by Vu Pham and Monday Creative


LOGOFOLIO/2021 by La Libertad [TNC] and BACILE *


Animated logos 2021-22 by Emote Agency


LOGOFOLIO VOL. 2 (2021–2023) by Kuba Góra


My Top Logos 2021 by designbydi


Logofolio projects 2022

Logofolio Vol. 3 by Mariela Mezquita Studio


LOGOFOLIO by Estudio Albino




Logofolio 2022 Volume 1 by Amr Eid


Logofolio 2022 | Logo type versions by Marina Zakharova 🇺🇦


50 LOGOS by Malina Cosmica and COSMODROME ART


Logofolio projects 2023

Logo Collection ‘23 by Ava Victoria


Logo Folio Vol. 8 by Damjan Ćorić


LOGOS and MARKS – 2023//VOL1.0 by Ibrahim Hamdi


Logos and marks 7/2023 by Andrii Kovalchuk


LOGOFOLIO 3 by Tosha Vitorin


Logo Collection 2023 | Uniko by Uniko Studio, Kristijan Binski and Andrea Binski


3D Logo Collection by Mase 🇺🇦, Iryna N and Werclive ®


Logofolio /02 2023 by BRAND ᴺᵂ


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