typography art june 2021 - 36 Days of Type - 2021 by Mauricio Gomes

Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – June 2021

We have more hand-picked calligraphy, hand lettering, typography art and font designs this month. Among our featured typographers are Laure Segalen from Typ.grfyJennifer García, Made Up Studio and many more. Enjoy!


Typ.grfy – graphic design and typographies by Laure Segalen

Submitted by Laure Segalen
Typ.grfy is a french art director. Passioned about typographies and graphic design, this account is full of creative content and inspiring quotes. Every Monday, a new typography made by me is published. On Wednesdays, the “Wednesday discoveries” stories are shared to let you discover new creative accounts.

Typ.grfy has the project to open an e-shop and selling posters, postcards and stickers with the work published on the Instagram account.

Stay tuned!


9 by MUTI


TT Ramillas by TypeType


One Spark by Steve Wolfa


Letterforms by Albert Travel

Submitted by Albert Travel
Regarding the poster. Some time ago I designed a typeface for personal use called StargazerFont whose typography is part of the Letterform project, a personal project that I carried out with the aim of studying the very form of typography as a visual means of transmission and free interpretation, obtaining interesting figures to the time to compose and make a curious design, soon for sale in the link of my biography in my profile.

I am a graphic designer in love with typography, visual and graphic expression, I help different entities of different kinds with their visual communication problems, multifaceted and lover of all kinds of art. I am currently experimenting with hand engraving and printing.


synergy | typographic poster by Jen Li Wan




Everything Matters by Fabrizio Morra


Typographic portraits | Harry Potter by Jennifer García


The Very Holiday 80 Sampler by Bartosz Szymkiewicz


Landing page by Benjamin Oberemok for unfold


ACCENTURE by Made Up Studio


36 Days of Type – 2021 by Mauricio Gomes


Bamboo Type Exploration by Danielle Davis


Thirty Eight by Chris Rushing


Arabic calligraphy by Amena Tabassum

Submitted by Amena Tabassum


Typographic Portfolio Book by Delviana Delviana


Typography Playing Cards by Paige Barber


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