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Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – June 2021

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Motion Design – an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Design is the art of using graphic design and putting it motion with the use of visual effects, audio and animation in film making, video production or multimedia presentations. Every month, we will be featuring of the best motion design works done by motion graphics artists from around the world to keep you engaged and inspired.


The First Step – Animation Teaser by Alfred Imageworks


ULTRAPUF by Liza Gagarina


Aero Truffle – Can you feel it? by T A V O .


REPLICA | PORTRAITS by Michael Rigley


Tinkoff | Anniversary by Petrick


Fitting Room by RYOGO™


Headspace by Jake Fried


Valentino Red – Nymph Day Dream by Revolution Department


Foreign Exchange by Corrie Francis Parks


The Junebugs by oddfellows


Black XS Be A Legend – Paco Rabanne by
Cyrille Smaha 


Artgrid – Art Loops Series by ClimStudio


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