Design To Invoke The Senses – A Project By Houda Bakkali

Visual and graphic artist Houda Bakkali infuses sensual beauty with design in the most compelling way in her recent project for Bellavista Rosé now featured in James Magazine.

The luxury Italian magazine James Magazine bears the signature of graphic artist Houda Bakkali in its covers. For this issue, the visual artist has designed the suggestive and sensual dynamic floral background that surrounds one of the most sought after bottles of Italian rosé wines: the Bellavista Rosé from the Terra Moretti holding. The cover evokes an enveloping flavour, characterized by a delicate but, at the same time, explosive and suggestive nature.

In addition, the artist signs an animated cover under the title “James Magazine, the happiness”. A unique and exclusive work in which the explosion of creativity, sensuality and beauty go beyond the screen. True to her own artistic style, it represents her vision of one of the most sybaritic Italian magazines.

Italy is a country with an immense artistic tradition and a unique cultural legacy in the world. A country that has always opened its doors to me and for which I have a lot to be thankful for. To have the opportunity to create this cover for James Magazine, such an exclusive and prestigious magazine that constantly focuses on art in capital letters, is a true gift. A fantastic opportunity and a unique project in a unique country. I am very grateful to Bruno Petronilli, director of James Magazine, for his trust.”, confesses the artist who has given us an interview about the creative process of this project.

Director, Bruno Petronilli and The Team (comprises of Italian luxury gourmet and fashion journalists, including Houda Bakkali)


We share with you the insights of how this wonderful digital design and branding project came to life as told by Houda herself.

Tell us more about the Bellavista Rosé cover and your source of inspiration.

This cover is the fusion of the essence of James Magazine and the essence of Bellavista Rosé, one of the best rosé wines from the emblematic Terra Moretti holding. It’s a perfect symbiosis between sophistication, beauty, and a huge dose of sensuality. Like the flavor of Bellavista Rosé. It’s inspired by nature, by the Italian magical tones and colours. This cover is delicate in forms but intense in its essence, like the concept which it emerges


Explain us the creative process and technological tools.

The creative process has been inspiring and very appealing, it has been like a journey through the most delightful Italy. I know the essence of James Magazine well, it is a magazine for all the lovers of art, culture and the Italian lifestyle. Therefore, my challenge was to discover the magic of the Terra Moretti holding. An emblematic brand that perfectly merges tradition and modernity. A winery full of soul, tones and an infinite combination of delicate flavours. 

Image of Bellavista Rosé, James Magazine cover design
Bellavista Rosé, James Magazine cover design


The inspiring colors of the lands where the wine is born and the historical tradition of the brand were my greatest inspiration.

The technological process has been based on photography and digital collage. I looked for the flowers that best represented this wine and built the background on which the bottle rests. All the photographs of the flowers are original, took by me in Italy and digitally treated to create a unique space, sensual, pleasant and hedonistic. A concept that suggests the delightful and inimitable charismatic charm of Italian lifestyle, represented by Bellavista Rosé and James Magazine.

I must admit that it was difficult to find the best option, I proposed several backgrounds because Bellavista Rosé is a wine full of different hues and inspiration, capable of transporting you to the Italian dolce vita in its purest state. In the end, I went for the wonderful explosion of nature, focusing on the inviting, delightful taste of Bellavista Rosé, presented through the inimitable charisma of James Magazine.

The design process


How do communication and design merge in this project?

The design is always made according to the content. In this case, I faced a double challenge: on the one hand, to make the viewer feel the soul of the product. I wanted the flavour to go beyond the cover and make it impossible to resist the delicious temptation of Bellavista Rosé. On the other hand, it had to follow as always the sybaritic original line of the James Magazine. To communicate the soul of a magazine that, like the country to which it belongs, is a sensory bible. The cradle of art history.


Why create a dynamic cover? What values ​​does it bring to the design?

The dynamic cover suggests sensuality, desire and a certain mystery. It is a subtle temptation, a subtle euphoria capable of provoking the senses and transporting us to a delightful experience full of pleasure and an elegant voluptuousness. It is a suggestive invitation to enter a cosmos of unique flavours, a masterpiece made to delight the senses.


Will you do more collaborations with James Magazine?

Absolutely, we are working on new projects. Always betting on maximum exclusivity and maximum creativity, following the essence of the magazine and the select collection of products that stands out in each issue.


You have also created a special version: James Magazine, the happiness”. Tell us about this design.

This cover follows the line of my series “The happiness”. A world of flowers that symbolize happiness through elements of nature, through sensual movements and passionate dynamics. A tribute to life and its pleasures. For this special cover, the combination of flowers is the best way to represent the magazine’s soul and its passions. It is an exuberant combination of flowers that open up to the world to fill it with beauty, hope, colour and also with an addictive passion and joy.

All the images are original and they are all presented in their purest state, true to their nature, without digital filters. It is the visual translation of what James Magazine represents: art, culture, inspiration, happiness, passion, talent, creativity, euphoria, serenity, frenzy, flavour, nature, friends, mornings, nights, mysteries, dreams, holidays, memories, the future, excellence, intensity, success. James Magazine is Italy. It is the world and its desires, its elegance and a glimpse of eternal beauty.

View more stunning visuals of the Bellavista Rosé James Magazine Design on HBakkali Studio on YouTube.

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