Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – March 2021

We have more hand-picked hand lettering, typography and font designs to inspire you this month. Check out the following creative typography designs that have not been featured in our previous collection. Take note of the details, you will be amazed!

If you have great piece to show don’t hesitate to participate here.


Klotter by Maria Henriksson


酒與醉 | Drink & Drunk by Tun Ho


Miracle Nutrition by Mary Kate McDevitt


Veil of Secrets by Mateusz Witczak


Stay Curious by Ian Barnard


Beat your Heart IV by Tun Ho


Brave Enough by Ian Barnard


Slow Your Doomscroll Web by Van Huynh


Belfast Grotesk: A Contemporary Classic Sans Serif From TypoBureau Studio

Submitted by Typo Bureau Studio
Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, TypoBureau Studio is a graphic design and typography studio that creates a variety type designs for graphic design professionals around the world.

Belfast Grotesk, a contemporary sans serif that “was influenced by the grotesk typefaces developed in the early 20th century.” (an old-fashioned 18-style grotesk with reverse stress in its heavier weights).

With Belfast Grotesk, we followed the best traditions of grotesk typefaces, providing “a good amount of contrast between the stroke thickness of each weight,”

This is a type family that speaks with absolute clarity, offering fantastic legibility even in small point. A contemporary rendering of a classic design style, Belfast Grotesk is a cleanly-designed and incredibly versatile typeface.

Available in Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black, with corresponding italics for each, Belfast Grotesk is beautifully suited to a wide variety of projects and applications. It’s a great choice for everything from headlines to editorials, print and digital publishing, advertising, logo design, product packaging and informational inserts, merchandise, letterhead, corporate communications, white papers, presentations, infographics, website designs, and mobile applications.

In branding and identity projects, Belfast Grotesk offers ample flexibility across multiple media types and sizes.

Additional versatility is made possible through OpenType, which offers fractions, discretionary ligatures, standard ligatures, ordinals, subscript, superscript, scientific inferiors, slashed zero, tabular figures, oldstyle figures, and stylistic alternates. 

Belfast Grotesk offers incredible multilingual support that extends to Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian, Vietnamese, Pan African Latin, Pinyin, Venda, and Igbo Onwu for design projects intended for a widely International audience.

TypoBureau Studio Currently working on new Typeface family based on a classic sans serif too. will release in late 2021.

Type Matters | Logos & Marks Collection (16–18) by Cyril Verbois and Chyrillo ™


Editorial progress by Martin Schmetzer


Riders On the Storm by Mateusz Witczak


Orca Ceramics by Samson Vowles????


RISE UP! SHOW UP! UNITE! by Michael Spitz


99 Things I Want To Do by MUTI



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