Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – June 2020

We have more hand-picked hand lettering, typography and font designs to inspire you this month! Check out the following creative typography designs that have not been featured in our previous collection. Take note of the details, you will be amazed!

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Hope by Mat Voyce


Liquid lettering collection by Daviher Loredo


Type & Image: Graphic Impact by Mark Sposato

 Submitted by Mark Sposato

Hi there! I co-teach a graphic design class at SVA called “Type & Image: Graphic Impact” with my father. We’re launching this class online for the first time.

Link to our course page

Some info about the course
We’ve all seen designs that dazzle our eyes, and others that impress with wit. This course will explore methods for creating work with visual and conceptual impact that result in eye-catching beauty and fresh, powerful ideas. Students will create original images in any medium-even their own smart phone photos-and learn how to transform them into professional-quality visual communication. Techniques for creating a harmonious, integrated relationship between image and lettering elements will be emphasized. Traditional type-setting skills, as well as alternative sources for creating expressive letterforms (such as photography and hand-crafting) will be introduced and developed. The methods and principles covered are applicable to creating integrated type and image solutions on multiple platforms: from traditional graphic design, branding and advertising to 360º digital executions-social, motion, video and experience design.

Some info about me
Mark Sposato
Designer, Creative Director, Filmmaker

Education: BFA, Temple University

Professional experience includes:
Co-founder, Houndstooth Studios; integrated design lead, Wunderman Thompson Employ; associate creative director, Havas

Publications include:
Making Posters: From Concept to Design; Bright Ideas in Poster Design; Creative Quarterly; Logo 2.0; HOW Promotion Annual, Logo Lounge; CMYK; Big Book of Green Design

Awards and honors include:
Gold Medal, Graphis Poster Annual; Gold Medal, Graphis Design Annual; HOW Logo Design Awards; Best Video, Akademia Music Awards; Art Directors Club; National Design Against Fur Competition; Creativity Annual Awards

Some info about my incredibly talented father
John Sposato
Designer, Illustrator

Education: BFA, Pratt Institute

Exhibitions include:
Type Directors Club, Art Directors Club, Society of Illustrators, SVA Chelsea Gallery, Gallery 303

Collections include: Museum of Modern Art

Clients have included:
HBO; Paramount Pictures; CBS; Nabisco; Coca-Cola; NBC; Federal Express; AT&T; Sony; Esquire; New York magazine; Simon & Schuster, Inc.; Penguin Random House; Warner Communications; Kiplinger; Crain’s; General Motors; United States Army

Publications include:
U&lc, Idea, Step By Step Graphics, Graphis Posters Annual, Graphis Design Annual

Awards include:
Gold Award, Graphis Posters Annual; Gold Award, Graphis Design Annual; Type Directors Club; Art Directors Club; Society of Illustrators; Communication Arts Annual; AIGA; ANDY; Print Regional Design Annual


Lettering alive! by Misa Urban


Language and Conflict (Hong Kong Protest 2019) by Cubey

Submitted by Cubey
This project aims to explore unofficial and official language used within the Hong Kong protest (2019). The term ‘official’ refers to the Hong Kong government body, and the term ‘unofficial’ refers to the protesters.

“Glory to Hong Kong”, Hong Kong’s adopted national anthem, is the main musical piece, and it is embodied through ‘unofficial’ language. “March of the Volunteers” China and Hong Kong’s shared national anthem is used to embody ‘official’ language.

Noto Sans HK is the main typeface used to represent the unofficial language as it is the Chinese (Hong Kong) only available type currently. Noto Serif SC is used to represent ‘official’ language due to its resemblance to traditional Chinese text used in government letters, which are commonly serif-ed. The choice to use simplified Chinese is because it is the main writing system used in Mainland China, while traditional text is used in Cantonese writing. In addition, one of the points of contention within the Hong Kong protests is the ‘pro-government’ supporters criticizing ‘pro-democracy’ protesters for having poor writing legibility, comparing it to traditional Chinese brush calligraphy. Therefore, using a sans serif font to represent ‘unofficial’ language benefits from this juxtaposition. The technique used in the project aided in visualizing the energy and discord between the protesters and the government. The fluidity of the text are a reference to Hong Kong protestors’ motto ‘be like water’, as they mix and bleed together into a turmoil as both voices cancel each other out. 

Botera by Javi Montoya

Submitted by Javi Montoya
Botera is a Typographic Project based in the environment of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real, Spain) and its wine heritage. Enology and typography speak the language of finesse. Both of them understand time in the same way: the owner of qualities related with knowledge of tradition and new influences.

Bringing together the heritage and the flavors, aromas, contrast and power that make so recognizable the wines of this area. Reading texts in Botera type, we do not only use a font, but we give to the user an original heritage of a region consistent with its roots. We think Botera is a typographical project that is born in this particular place, Valdepeñas and according to its wine heritage. As we like to say, enology and typography speak the same language and for that reason they are not so distant and have comprehension between both. Botera is like wine, we can use it every day or keep it for special moments. It is the safeguard of the characteristics of these wines, able to show us the knowledge of tradition and new contributions.

Mariano Diez Typography by Mariano Diez

Submitted by Mariano Diez
A graphic designer who decided to explore the field of typography based on the use of grids and geometry, to the point where his instinct taught him the results he could obtain using experimental forms.


Poster Collection Seven days/Seven posters by Xavier Esclusa Trias


New Orleans Pelicans Game Day by Tom Green

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