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Beautiful Chinese Calligraphy & Typography Art You’ve Got To See

Chinese characters have evolved over several thousands of years to include many different styles or scripts. Today, nearly one-fourth of the world’s population use Chinese characters.

On printed text, people in China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan use the simplified system. As an art form, Asian and oriental calligraphy remains an integral aspect of the East Asian culture. Check out these combination of beautiful modern and ancient oriental typography and Chinese calligraphy artworks




Translation: October the ninth evening, global banquet meeting


As One Wishes




魚 : Fish – Japanese Calligraphy


舞 : dance



There Are Words Behind It

Inner Chi


24 Solar Terms


Moon Festival



Submitted by Lok Ng
Lok Ng artist / calligrapher / typographer. My designs mostly consist of a mixture of traditional Chinese Art and Japanese Art with some influences from the western design trend too. Graduated from Guangzhou City Polytechnic in 2005.

Improve Yourself Everyday by Tun Ho


“Exhibition” South China University Poster Design


Visual Identity of TDC Annual Exhibition


12 Chinese Zodiac chinese characters and also in the shape of animals


Emperor Taizong’s calligraphy. Tang Dynasty, 7th century



美: Beauty


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