Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – November 2020

Motion Design – an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Design is the art of using graphic design and putting it motion with the use of visual effects, audio and animation in film making, video production or multimedia presentations. Every month, we will be featuring of the best motion design works done by motion graphics artists from around the world to keep you engaged and inspired.

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Adobe Works by Stu Ballinger


International women’s day by Akson Ivankov


METAPOLARISM I by Mike Voropaev


Ashoka Changemaking by AIM Creative Studios, Daniela Carvalho, José Teixeira, André Cunha and Adamastor Studio


Average Vacation by Artur Zhamaletdinov

Submitted by Artur Zhamaletdinov
“Average Vacation” is a collection of my last year Asia/Mediterranean vacations memories, averaged and simplified. While I mostly inspired there by nature and creatures, the inner meanings are about love, karma, recursion, individualism etc.


Logitech G915 by Raphael Vangelis


Camilo Leal / REEL by Camilo Leal

Submitted by Camilo Leal
Hello everyone, my name is Camilo Leal and I’m a graphic designer based in Bogotá – Colombia. I love creating dope animations and collorful images that can express the emotions that I feel when listening to music.

Hope you can enjoy my work. You can follow me on instagram: @camilo00leal


Ouaga Film Lab # 5 by Christoph Hartmann

Image may contain: sky, desert and mountain

Submitted by Christoph Hartmann
908 is an award-winning motion design studio and visual effects production with an in-house sound studio and a team of more than 14 passionate professionals from Berlin. Since 2004 we produce, as a design-driven agency, top-notch visual and audio content for commercials, image/corporate and product films for broadcast, online, events and print. We’re especially keen working in 2 or 3D animation but have a wide range of taste, skills and passions, so we consider us as a boutique production studio.


MISC: A Series Of Personal Imagery by Matt Oxley

Submitted by Matt Oxley
MISC is a small series of self-initiated projects started as a way of sharing more unfinished ideas. I wanted to focus on coherently bringing together images from personal research, unfinished pieces and occasional old pitch material and trying to curate them towards a certain direction. Many of the images mirror current interests that span a wide range of fields including strong referencing of still-life photography, set design, fashion objects and art directed florals. I’d say no two images are the same or share the same process ( which is kind of the point), as the imagery can either start life as a highly involved 3D rendering or a very basic 3D setup, with high amounts of retouch involved to get the image to feel a certain way. Be sure to check out the MISC projects as well as others on my portfolio page, thanks!


Smokey Slicing Liquid Keyframes by Juan García Segura

Submitted by Juan García Segura

Smokey Slicing Liquid Keyframes
This piece is a personal exploration aiming to combine different motion design disciplines into one looping video. Photoreal 3D materials, liquid and smoke simulations, 2D graphics and frame by frame hand-drawn effects are integrated through snappy animation and free-flowing transitions.

The tools used are Maxon Cinema 4D, Jawset Turbulence FD, Real Flow, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. The audio design is produced from hand-picked sound effects and drumploops.


The Idea Guide: short stories and motion design by Lenar Singatullov

Submitted by Lenar Singatullov
Lenar Singatullov, a multidisciplinary designer & art director based in Moscow, Russia.

I wanted to share an emotion – the feeling of an incredible fear of a blank page and the eternal struggle with procrastination. We all face this problem and I wanted to explore it from my unique perspective.

We don’t notice the fight going on inside the person trying to come up with something. Well, he is sitting or standing, staring at one point like a psychopath. In popular culture, a thinking person is constantly running around the room. He moves stuff, waves his hands, makes quick notes on paper. It’s pretty boring to look at a glassy-eyed body sitting in the corner of a room, but that’s how it works in real life. The most exciting ideas come up in silence. So I decided to act as a guide to the inner world of people that try to come up with an idea. It took me 45 seconds.


Sport_TV_Alalam News Network by Mohammadreza Rahmati

Submitted by Mohammadreza Rahmati



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