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Good To Know: Essential Tips On Writing For the Web

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A reader always looks out for a viral post which is both refreshing and amusing. The topic might be on or off his interest, but a writer can always focus or divert the attention through their story-telling knacks. A writer can take you to the heights of the Everest or down to the depths of the Marina Trench with her/his writing skills. I believe every good writer has a magic wand to enchant their reader and cast a magical experience on them. So the writer must switch his hat from “writer” to “reader”. Hence, both sides of the coin must be evaluated before putting into the web.

Every day, billions of articles are published online and the best of them acquire the maximum viewership, likes, subscriptions and followers. There are different aspects surrounding the content delivery on web. While writing for the web, you need to take care of details including:

  1. Vision
  2. Branding
  3. SEO
  4. Marketing
  5. Analytics
  6. Endorsement

Ways to Hit It Off With the Web

These are the few aspects I highlighted to give you a bird’s eye view of skilled writing. Whether you are a newbie, or an experienced writer who is striving to make your content go viral and create a brand identity, there are considerable dos woven around the process.

  • The headline of your subject is as important as sugar is to tea. Without it, the entire content loses its charm. You have to give a brief idea about the topic through header. It will instantly give them an idea about the subject.
  • Maintain sufficient spacing and line breaks to give the subject matter an orderly look.
  • It is highly recommended to use pointers as they can deliver the concept concisely.
  • The font must be relevant to your subject.
  • You can emphasize significant lines or words in Italics or Bold.
  • Rewind and re-read the entire written matter as a reader. You might find the space for improvisation or modification.
  • There should be no space for exaggeration of sentences so you can write in theactive voice as much as possible.

How to Capture the Attention of Your Readers

After all, our work should leave a good impression on the readers. As the famous saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression.” I used to wonder, “How could people read a novel of a thousand pages or more?!” That used to be a dilemma before I actually indulged into reading. I understood that it is because the writer absorbed the reader with his magical art.

However, web writing simply isn’t your plain text-filled pages from a novel. While it comes to the web, there are multiple subjects popping on the same interface to divert the reader’s attention. But don’t worry about them right now. There are absolute genius ways to make your articles steal the limelight.

  •  A quick way to make the read-up less tedious is through interesting pictures and graphics. I personally love pictures in the GIF format. They perfectly nail the moment. Just like the one shown below.
  • Add light humour to the write-up. Make sure they don’t offend any people, language, gender, race, religion or belief; that will create a controversy. So you are either a guiding light or an advisor or entertainer to your readers.
  • Make the best possible use of social media. Connect your social media profiles with the writing space. Share links of your website or mention the link on your bio-profile. This will generate traffic for the website, provided you are active on the targeted social sites.
  • Write often. Choose a specific domain that you can write upon. This will create interest among the readers and they will keep coming back.
  • Write on a trending topic. This would be like the icing on the cake, as it will garner maximum views.
  • Ask questions to your beloved readers. This will ignite their opinion and keep them glued to the main subject.

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Now you know that content is the sole king of a write-up. The rest that follows is the kingdom of content. Always choose and pen every word wisely before you publish them. Good quality writing will automatically leave a refreshing trail on the web and your brand.



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