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Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – November 2022

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You’ll be amazed by our newly curated and out of this world prints and packaging design works. Featured projects include freely organic juice, BRIDGE BENCHES, Harer Decaffeinated Coffee Branding, 3DAYS posters and lots more.

Check them out below!


“!” chocolate by Theexpired Mutian and Thereal Mutian


Friendly reminder! by Andreas Pedersen


Melie Jewelry Box by Cansu Merdamert


STNTRS — Brand identity & Packaging design system by Elina Kobylianska


🔵 by Lorena G


freely · organic juice by Gemma Monllor, Taymara Sanchez and Elisava Pack


BRIDGE BENCHES by de_form studio, NORA DEMECZKY, Eniko Deri, Zoltan Neville, Bertalan Bessenyey and Batke Bendegúz


Cabot Triple Cream Yogurt by Ian Kolstad


Inclusion Matters by Folio Illustration Agency


Harer Decaffeinated Coffee Branding 品牌規劃 by K9 Design, 楊 雅妃, Ferguson Chang and Kevin Lin


TeamMerch by Cult Bureau, Sergey Dergachenko, Egor Fomin and Savva Platonov


McNívoros – Una especie devoradora by Andres Baquero, Juan Sebastián Cortés, P I P E J A I M E S ™, Diego Tamayo and Natalia Diaz Salgado


GP超霸小黃人限量版 by 1983 ASIA


Timeline by Sebastian Helene and pelican sound


IGC | Branding & Packaging by Ana Salman


ExtraAño | Book by Carlos Iglesias


3DAYS by My Name is Wendy Studio


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