mobile app design inspiration november 2022 - UX/UI Case Study - Fictional Music Festival by María Paula Marulanda

Amazing UX/UI Design Inspiration – November 2022

Freshly squeezed UX/UI design projects this month include mobile app UIs by IMTIAZUX, Shakil Sonnet, María Paula Marulanda, and web design projects from SEEQ Agency, a portfolio website of Ilya Row and many more. Check them all out below.


GeekPay — Crypto Website UI (Mobile) by Sigma Software Design


Neatsy App — AI doctor in a phone by RD UX/UI for RonDesignLab


Timy Mobile by Halo Product for Halo Lab


Hang Out App by Alexandr V for Purrweb UI/UX Studio


Dating App Design Mobile App by lazy kar for LazyInterface | UI UX Team


Beauty Salon App by Stanislav Lebedev for Purrweb UI/UX Studio


Food Delivery App UI by IMTIAZUX????


LEIBAL ONLINE STORE by German Zhevmerev, Denis Dobrovolsky, Mikl Onkov and Denis Valetin


A website for OneSoil, the agricultural platform by Right Studio, Yauheni Beladzed, Ksenia Aniskovich and Sasha Reviaka


B2B Delivery App by Aleksandr Volodkovic


Ecommerce Furniture App by Shakil Sonnet


CMM Pricing pge by Yurii


Video Sale by Slava Kornilov for Geex Arts


Furniture Detail Page Mobile App-UX/UI Design by Hira Riaz???? for Upnow Studio


Cosmetic Mobile App UX/UI Design by Ghulam Rasool ???? for Upnow Studio



Brand Identity and web design of Woolworths. The project includes Women’s section, Men’s section, and Homeware. *NON-COMMERCIAL Project 


UX/UI Case Study – Fictional Music Festival by María Paula Marulanda


Mobile | Emotion by Desire Creative Agency


Web UI – Light by DStudio®


Banking / Card / Finance App by Shaafi Ahmad ???? for User Friendly


Perry – Marketing site concept for (Healthcare b2b) by Julien Renvoye for Voila


NOYE LIVING® / WEB PROJECT by SEEQ Agency, Karolina Godlejewska and Bartek Konopka


Portfolio Website – UX/UI designer by Ilya Row


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