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Best Figma Mockup Plugins to Design Beautiful UIs and More! (2022)

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Figma mockup plugins and free templates. I’ve scoured the Figma Community to find the best mockups that I’d use myself. The ones listed below are my personal favourites.

You will undoubtedly find everything you need to create that incredible design for your client and/or team. So, check them out!

Best Figma mockup plugins

  1. Mockuuups Studio
  2. Artboard Studio
  3. Mockup
  4. All Hands Mockup Generator
  5. Vectary 3D Elements
  6. Gifmock
  7. Angle Mockups

Best free Figma mockup templates

  1. Animocks
  2. Free Mockups for Dribbble Shot
  3. iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus Mockups
  4. Brand Guidelines Design Kit
  5. Device Mockups Library (100+ devices)

Best Figma Mockup Plugins

1. Mockuuups Studio

The Mockuuups Studio plugin generates thousands of photography style mockups. These kinds of mockups are ideal if you need to present your marketing materials or visual contents as seen in real world application.

Just pick a device and choose from a diverse mix of mockups. You can filter mockup searches to fit your needs like colors, gradients, or even the latest version of Dell laptop display preferences.

This plugin works like a charm and saves you a great deal of  time. Their mockup libraries are constantly updated and have now grown to 1,300+ mockups.

Install Mockuuups Studio plugin or,


2. Artboard Studio

Artboard Studio Mockups allows you to create, animate and design your creative projects in your own scene with their extensive library of items.

From app and website mockups to T-shirt and book covers, you can choose from their carefully crafted mockup templates to fit your needs.

If you’re installing the plugin to use in Figma, follow the below step by step guide to get started quickly.

However, there’s one downside with the plugin. It has some artboard loading issue in Figma especially with larger mockups or components.

I would recommend using the Artboard Studio as a standalone in-browser app because it works much faster in a browser. You can create much higher resolution visuals and work with larger components or items there. You can then export them as images and import them into Figma.

The Artboard Studio app also allows you to collaborate and share projects/assets with colleagues and friends.

Install Artboard Studio plugin or,


3. Mockup

Mockup by has a big collection of device mockups, prints, branding and presentation mockups, UI/UX kits and other graphic assets.

The plugin features:

  • Mockup Library – the library helps you to incorporate a mockup into your project fast and easy.
  • Distort (Perspective) transformation – can be used with existing mockups.

Install Mockup

And if you want more high-quality and vector mockups, just head to website. There are plenty of freebies available there too!


4. All Hands Mockup Generator

All Hands Mockup Generator

All Hands Mockups lets you show your designs in device mockups held in hands. This is an excellent way to present your work in hands interacting with devices.

To use it in Figma, just drop your designs into one of several hands in two easy steps. Then choose your frame, a hand and…you’ve got a lovely (and inclusive) mockup to show off.

Please keep in mind that this plugin does not yet support the Safari browser. Visit to see the entire collection of All Hands photos in high resolution.

Install All Hands Mockup


5. Vectary 3D Elements

Vectary 3D Elements Figma plugin

Your 2D designs take on a 3D perspective when you use the Vectary 3D Elements plugin in Figma.
Once the plugin is installed, you will get a 3D editor with numerous customization options and a layout library with lots predefined 3D mockups to work with.

Simply drag and drop your design from frame to mockup. Then customize the 3D elements with the editor, all within Figma!

Here’s an in-depth step-by-step guide to use the plugin.

Install Vectary 3D Elements


6. Gifmock


Gifmock for Figma is a tool that allows you to generate high-quality GIFs from layers in your Figma files.

From your static images and mockups, you can create GIFs in just 3 steps:

  1. Select layers to create GIF frames
  2. Adjust the delay and position of your frames with pixel-perfect precision
  3. Export

The plugin also features:

  • Smart Cropping
  • Pixel Preview
  • Measurement
  • Retina Support
  • Per Frame Delay
  • Frame Ordering

Gifmock securely stores your GIF files on your machine and not on the cloud.

Install Gifmock


7. Angle Mockups

Angel Mockups

Angle Mockups in Figma will show your designs in perspective mockups in full vector and in the latest devices!

This is a fantastic plugin for displaying your designs in device mockups in crisp vector graphics. Angle is also very simple to use. The plugin is free and does not require sign ups. If you want to use their massive library of 1000+ vector mockups, go to

Install Angel Mockups


Best free Figma mockup templates

1. Animocks

Animocks - free animated mockups - image banner

Custom motions can be created with this Animocks pack. You can also customize the colours and both light and dark modes are available!

There are 2 plugins required for this set:

  1. FigMotion
  2. Mockup

Get Animocks


2. Free Mockups for Dribbble Shot

Free Mockups for Dribbble Shot

This mockup is a must have for UI designers and fellow Dribbblers! There are more than 30 modern UI style kits available to help you nail that awesome shot on Dribbble and social media.

Get Free Mockups for Dribbble Shot


3. iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max Mockups

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max Mockups in Figma

Here it is! The latest iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max mockup templates with the Dynamic Island UI. Go ahead and use this free template to present your latest mobile apps design in Apple’s latest iPhone 14.

Also, get the Dynamic Island Animations template if you want to simulate your app’s notification and user interactivity in this pill-shaped UI.

Get iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max Mockups


4. Brand Guidelines Design Kit

Brand Guidelines Design Kit

This is the free version kit that can help you create and automate your brand style guides.

It features a wide variety of brand styling templates like cover page, logo construction, hanging tote bag, business cards and lots more.

The full version with more supportive tools and templates is available on Gumroad. Be sure to check it out as well.

Get Brand Guidelines Design Kit


5. Device Mockups Library (100+ devices)

Device Mockups Library (100+ devices) image banner with corporate blue background

This mockup library has more than 100+ of iOS, Windows PC, iPhone and Android of device mockups in SVG format.

All devices include shadow and no-shadow variants. Get a copy if you’re looking to prototype your design on cross-platform devices.

Get Device Mockups Library


Last but not least…

I hope you find the above Figma resources useful. Thank you for reading and now, go create that awesome design!



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