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Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – April 2023

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New this month, lots of unique prints, labels and packaging design works to bring an artist’s life story, events and an array of products to live! Our featured designers in this collection includes Amanda Cestaro, Partee, Pavel Gubin, El Le and lots more. See their lovely design projects as follow.


Frida Kahlo and The Colors of Life by Amanda Cestaro

Submitted by Amanda Cestaro
Frida Kahlo and The Colors of Life is a book that mixes a historical biography with elements from fiction. Just like the movies we are used to watch about big personalities, this book is no different. It narrates the most impactful events of the artist’s life as at the same time, it uses from fiction to charm and conquer our hearts with dialogues, actions and behaviours that may have never existed but surely could have.

From the perspective of a designer, this is a big playground as it offers a lot of creative possibilities to choose from. The fact that this is not a historical book, but a romance, meant that I could use elements that were based on reality but in a fun way. Not to mention the possibility to work and research the genius that Kahlo was.

During my first diggings, I first noticed how Kahlo would sometimes write over her art using her own hand calligraphy. In her diaries she would also have her own expressive calligraphies that were much more loose. I decided this would have to be present in the book.

At the same time, she would constantly use fauna and flora elements in her paintings. Another important feature from her that was also depicted in her work is fashion and how it can be a powerful expressive instrument. To conclude, probably the most iconic environment in her life was the Blue House.

With all this in mind, I was able to create collages, paint and write being inspired by her iconography, baring in mind the public I had to work with – young people, particularly female.

In the end the box was a big success with TAG Livros readers! 


FESTA VERDAGUER 2022 by Partee 🎉


CUBIC3 三立方咖啡 Branded Items Design by lowkey design




SWAG – Brand Film by NotReal ®, Valeria Moreiro, Milton Gonzalez, Lu Borzi, Roberto Connolly, Flor Tasso, Vitor Teixeira, Martin Orza, Lucila Mansur, Josefina Llano, Hernán Lindenbaum, Joana Cabrera, SergioFuego Damonte, juan pablo sciaccaluga and Manuela Caceres

animation brand video CGI colors design Film Overview Pastels product swag


Mauka by Anagrama Studio

Brand Design branding empaque identity IlIustración ILLUSTRATION logo


Fieldcraft Survival Packaging by Kevin Kroneberger


New flavors fo coffee drink by Mila Katagarova


Fruity Antioxidant Infusion Water by Juicy by Hoot Design Studio


Logitech MX Keys Mini Gift Kit Design Project by Mobills Group Corp., Mo Choon, THEO KIM, HOONTAEK OH, 권 지우, Hyelin 9ang and soho soho


Beaky by Nikita Gavrilov and PAVEL GUBIN


STRAY KIDS’ MAXIDENT – CASE 143 – Milk Carton Design by El Le


Cola Pica-Pau — Rebrand & Packaging by Diana Amarelo, Kevin Cunha, Diogo Sousa, Sara Pinto and Beatriz Ferreira


The Sando House by Studio NinetyOne


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