Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – April 2022

More interesting curated artworks and art projects you should check out this month. Among featured artists are Natalia BerezinaLisa Odette, Maria EvestusIvan Blažetić ŠumskiShining Star NFT and many more.


QUARANTINE by Sasha Fortova

STAY HOME - illustrations by Sasha Fortova
DON'T PROCRASTINATE - illustrations by Sasha Fortova
KEEP THE DISTANCE - illustrations by Sasha Fortova
MAKE LOVE - illustrations by Sasha Fortova
DRINK WATER - illustrations by Sasha Fortova
DON'T PANIC - illustrations by Sasha Fortova


Insect graphics by Natalia Berezina

Submitted by Natalia Berezina
Hi guys! My name is Natalia. I am a professional illustrator. In addition to illustrating children’s books, I like to observe nature. The sketching and watercolor drawing is my way to be closer to nature. I have a bunch of sketches with different bugs, leaves, flowers, as well as urban watercolors. If you know that over 90% of animal life forms on Earth are insects. There are between 6 and 10 million species of different beetles! So I have an endless source of my artistic inspiration 🙂


Selection of symbolist paintings in mixed technique by Maria Evestus

Roly Poly Doll illustration by Maria Evestus
Roly Poly Doll
Diptych: Frau Holle's Gifts (Gold and Tar) illustration by Maria Evestus
Diptych: Frau Holle’s Gifts (Gold and Tar)
Jackdaws II illustration by Maria Evestus
Jackdaws II
Mermaid's Party painting by Maria Evestus
Mermaid’s Party
The Lonely Unicorn - painting by Maria Evestus
The Lonely Unicorn

Submitted by Maria Evestus
Maria Evestus (born 1986 in Kuressaare, Estonia) started her career as a painter in 2010.  Her work is inspired by sacral art, preraphaelites, mysticism, pop-surrealism, myths, psychedelia and fairy-tales. The main keywords here are ancient, pop, symmetry, deviation, decorative, naive, narrative, symbolism.

M. Evestus’ works are part of many private collections in Estonia, Germany, Finland and the UK.


In The Jungle – Pattern Collection by Dori Julis Katona


Apartments by Peter Tarka


Cats of Thunder by Trey Ingram


Una by ana


Ascent by Lisa Odette


Sand animation, Desert by Uliana Dorofeeva


Marule collection by Marule Tumišo Bruce

Submitted by Marule Tumišo Bruce
I Marule Tumišo Bruce, a self-taught visual artist have learned two things in relation to progress over the years…and those two are practice and consistency. As an artist who started from the very basic I would advice whomever who has an incline in the arts to consider those two things in their work. 


Colored Pencil Illustration on Illustration Board by Shannon Hatton


Batman: Urban Legends 11,12,13 WightWitch for DC Comics by Anand RK


Nike Woman Pilates, Yoga & Sports Illustrations by Murat Kalkavan


Yoga Sloth by Sandor


HUMANS by ???????????????????????? ????????????


Louis Theroux by Folio Illustration Agency


Open up to tears by Arunas Kacinskas




Holograms by Ivan Blažetić Šumski

“UNITY” | Artwork for Paradigm Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2019
Hologram | Melbourne, Australia, 2018
Hologram | Melbourne, Australia, 2019
Paradigm Festival | Melbourne, Australia, 2018


Design for Ukraine by Issy Mae Wergan

Submitted by Issy Mae Wergan
I started ‘Design for Ukraine’ a few days after Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, launched his devastating attack on Ukraine. 

From the offset, this news really affected me, as it did many others across the world. I couldn’t concentrate on much else and have never felt that level of uselessness. I have always felt that as designers we have a responsibility to use our talent for good and for positive change when and where we can. Therefore I started ‘Design for Ukraine’, a project for all creatives to design an A6 postcard that’s centered around the Russian/Ukrainian conflict.

Through our designs, we can support others, raise awareness, and promote truthful information. 

We can’t do much but we can do something. 

If you would like to get involved please email your A6 postcard submission to 

Please see our Instagram @designforukraine_ for more information including other submissions and the design brief.



Blue-yellow by Liubov Dronova


Ukraine Is Our Home by tubik.arts


Shining Star NFT by Shining Star

Submitted by Shining Star
5,000 NFT Project taking place during Mental Health Awareness Month (May) focused on educating people on facts and statistics about Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, and OCD during pre-launch through social media. 

Shining Star was created to bring awareness to and normalize the discussions surrounding mental health. A Shining Star is a representation of how, while others see us as bright and radiant, they might not necessarily see our inner struggles. Shining Stars might experience anxiety, ADHD, depression, and OCD, among others. Despite the struggles of everyday life, including schooling, work and family, or the impact of a painful past, a Shining Star tries to push forward.

Geometric Abstract Composition by Solver 3D (Eka)


Sci-Fi Object Defender by Putri Monirizki for One Week Wonders


Belgium waffles by Tainosuke 鯛之助


Glimpse by Temiloluwa Ojo

Submitted by Temiloluwa Ojo



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