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11 Best Figma Plugins To Create Amazing Design And Save Time

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The Figma Plugins was launched in August 2019 and is growing in popularity. As more designers and developers make Figma their preferred design tool, we will also see more users contributing plugins and resources to the Figma Community.

There is a wide range of plugins and tools you can find to help you with your design projects. I have certainly found many of them useful but here are my 11 best Figma plugins to help you create amazing designs and speed up your work.

Best Figma Plugins To Create Amazing Design And Save Time

  1. Mockuuups Studio
  2. Blush
  3. Artboard Studio
  4. Motion
  5. Datavizer
  6. Overflow
  7. Contrast
  8. Remove BG
  9. Batch Styler
  10. Responsify
  11. Figma Measure


1. Mockuuups Studio

Mockuuups Studio - Figma plugin

The Mockuuups Studio plugin generates thousands of photography style mockups. These kinds of mockups are ideal if you need to present your marketing materials or visual contents as seen in real world application.

Just pick a device and choose from a diverse mix of mockups. You can filter mockup searches to fit your needs like colors, gradients, or even the latest version of Dell laptop display preferences.

This plugin works like a charm and saves you a great deal of  time. Their mockup libraries are constantly updated and have now grown to 1,300+ mockups.

Install Mockuuups Studio plugin or,


2. Blush

Blush - Figma plugin

Need some illustrations for your project? You can create and customize illustrations with Blush. With this plugin, you can mix-and-match elements or find random ones. You will also love the following features that comes with this plugin:

  • Artists – more unique collections of illustrations by some of the most talented illustrators.
  • Free license – Yes, there’s a forever free plan that allows you to use illustration for personal and commercial projects.
  • SVG & HI-RES – this is a paid plan that gives you more control over layers, colour filters, print resolution and many more advanced functionalities.

In addition to that, the creators behind Blush are also collaborating with artists to create more collections of awesome illustrations. So, if you’re an artist or an illustrator and wish to contribute your work just reach out to them on their website.

Install Blush plugin


3. Artboard Studio

Artboard Studio Mockups allows you to create, animate and design your creative projects in your own scene with their extensive library of items.

From app and website mockups to T-shirt and book covers, you can choose from their carefully crafted mockup templates to fit your needs.

If you’re installing the plugin to use in Figma, follow the below step by step guide to get started quickly.

However, there’s one downside with the plugin. It has some artboard loading issue in Figma especially with larger mockups or components.

I would recommend using the Artboard Studio as a standalone in-browser app because it works much faster in a browser. You can create much higher resolution visuals and work with larger components or items there. You can then export them as images and import them into Figma.

The Artboard Studio app also allows you to collaborate and share projects/assets with colleagues and friends.

Install Artboard Studio plugin or,


4. Motion

Motion - Figma plugin

If you are looking to make ultra smooth UI animations for your web apps, then the Motion plugin might just be what you’re looking for.

This plugin allows you to animate UI elements, moving characters and much more. Besides being easy to use, the author does constant updates to the plugin and provides bug fixes for you.

Install Motion plugin


5. Datavizer

Datavizer - Figma plugin

If you’re looking for chart plugins to create beautiful data visuals, you can try Datavizer. The plugin visualises your data quickly and has beautiful UI to help you create charts, graphs, UI dashboards and many more in amazing design.

The plugin also allows you to feed in your own data or you can use random ones or dummy data. I think it’s one of the best data visualization Figma plugin so far.

Install Datavizer plugin


6. Overflow

Overflow - Figma plugin

Now you can create beautiful user flow diagrams and stunning design presentations with the Overflow plugin. The plugin is highly customizable and easy to use with the following features:

  • Sync designs with popular design tools
  • Sync prototype links
  • Set export fidelity
  • Maintain design layers
  • Connect layers to screens
  • Wrap artboards with design skins with just one click

Install Overflow plugin


7. Contrast

Contrast - Figma plugin

You can use this plugin to check colour contrast on the fly! You only have to select a layer and Contrast immediately looks for the colour, saving you time from having to select multiple elements or layers.

The “scan page” is also very useful as it makes scanning entire pages very handy.

Install Contrast plugin


8. Remove BG

Remove BG - Figma plugin

Remove BG is one of the best background remover plugin. The plugin helps you remove background images automatically with just one click, saving you more than one hour of productivity time of having to do it in Photoshop.

Install Remove BG plugin


9. Batch Styler

Batch Styler - Figma plugin

The name of this plugin says it all. Batch Styler helps you save time by changing colour and text styles all at once for your project. It updates all changes and styles accordingly. Features include:

  • Batch change colour styles (hue, saturation, lightness, alpha, hex)
  • Batch change typography styles (font family, font weight, line height, letter spacing)
  • Batch delete styles
  • Batch rename styles
  • Change description(s)

Install Batch Styler plugin


10. Responsify

Responsify - Figma plugin

Responsify is an open source Figma plugin you can use to quickly test your designs in multiple devices. This plugin is especially useful for UI/UX designers and developers…and I think it’s a must have tool to test your web apps in multiple devices and save time.

Install Responsify plugin


11. Figma Measure

Figma Measure - Figma plugin

If you need to measure dimensions or any elements in your design, Figma Measure could be the right tool for you. The plugin acts like a tidy ruler to help you measure heights, widths, distances and more.

Install Figma Measure plugin


I hope you find my current and best Figma plugins recommendation useful so far. If you have started using any of them, feel free to share your thoughts about what you like or dislike about the plugins.

Thanks for reading this article and happy designing!



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