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Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – October 2021

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It’s Inktober 2021! The artworks featured here have interesting back stories that will amaze you. We hope you like this month’s curated collection of inktober art and illustrations.


Palms by Nadiia Doicheva


La No Ficción Podcast by Juliana Cuervo


Creative Bologna by Tyler Pate


Uma Swethy Art by Swetha Menard

Submitted by Swetha Menard


MANIFESTO by Nicola Ferrarese

Submitted by Nicola Ferrarese
I live and work in Treviso (Italy) as a freelance illustrator. My works is often inspired by surreal themes and humorous notes.

I have a particular love for characters, strong colours, vintage advertising posters. I have been the co-managing Director of the Treviso Comic Book Festival since 2009: an international event on the comics culture annually held in Treviso during the last week of September.


Dela Stencil Art by Denis Laszczok

Submitted by Denis Laszczok


People by Alina Savko

It's not easy being a Princess painting of HRH Princess Margaret by Alina Savko
It’s not easy being a Princess painting of HRH Princess Margaret
Arthur in His Parka original painting by Alina Savko
Arthur in His Parka original painting
Persian Beauty original painting by Alina Savko
Persian Beauty original painting
Beauty of Motherhood original painting by Alina Savko 2021
Beauty of Motherhood original painting 2021
What Is Over There Original Painting by Alina Savko
What Is Over There Original Painting
Next Generation original painting by Alina Savko 2021
Next Generation original painting 2021

Submitted by Alina Savko
I was born in Vilnius (1976) and being surrounded by countryside and Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. From early years I have been inspired by outdoor exhibitions in my home city while I walked through the old town streets of Vilnius.

Art had always interested me and allowed me to express myself in different ways, like decorating the walls and ceilings at home by painting the pictures by using mixed media and different kind of textures. I have used my skills to design and decorate clothes; decorate plant pots, teacups, plates, different kind of bags and furniture.

In 2014 I have designed a logo and the colour scheme for the company “Bright Tutoring Ltd” and the whole interior design for it. I am fascinated by soft pastels, how you can use it on different coloured paper.

I have been inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Laurence Stephen Lowry. I love old  architecture, castles, antiques and nature. Now I live and create  in Soweby Bridge, West Yorkshire.

I am currently exhibiting at the Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton le Hole from 18th September till 14th November; The Turks Head in Sowerby Bridge and Sharp Gallery online. 

My next exhibitions: “Bees Don’t Make Lemonade-Kitchen Gallery Exhibition” at Zest Hall in Moseley on 14th – 17th October 2021; “Contemporary Portraits” at Fronteer Gallery in Sheffield on 3rd – 20th November

Past Exhibitions:
YRAM 2021, York, June 2021, Ilkley Art Show 2019, The Kings Hall & Winter Gardens, Ilkley, August 2019, Gargrave Art Exhibition 2019, Gargrave Village Hall, July 2019, The Red Show 2019,, June 2019, Wraptious Art Competition, Online:, June

2019, Light and Dark 2019,, April 2019, Water,, July 2018. My last exhibition was in York 2021 along the Dame Judy Dench Walk.


Gia by SAM JI for Fireart Studio


Playing Shadows by tubik.arts


“Light” acrylic on canvas 70/100cm by Barbara Adler

Submitted by Barbara Adler
My artwork is colorful, expressive, eye-catching and unambiguous with a leaning towards naïve. I work in various medias. I love the acrylic media.  I invite you to see and follow my artwork process and progress on Instagram. You can also reads my blogs and see more of my artwork on my website.


Little Martians by Vanessa Rosa

Submitted by Vanessa Rosa
When the pandemic hit I was already in Mars. Not so far as the planet Mars, but in a little part of the Sonoran desert where me and some friends created an art community/ R&D lab we call Mars. After all, if our technology could one day take some humans to Mars, we could just as well use it to try to inhabit the harsh parts of nowadays Earth.

A high tech, low cost approach. It’s an exercise in resilience and sustainability, with a lot of space for artistic madness and fun. We hope to share whatever knowledge we gather with our projects’ documentation and open source software libraries. It’s a seasonal enterprise, the Martian community is only functional during Winter time, but it’s a long term one.

I started collecting local clay and creating ceramics with primitive kilns I dug into the ground. Then I got fancy and started to experiment with a variety of art clays and glazes. I transformed the sculptures into 3d digital objects using a technique known as photogrammetry. With artificial intelligence tools, I created animations based on the sculptures.

When I realized, I was creating a sci-fi tale about humans who mutate to adapt to a changing environment. Also, humans who don’t see a difference anymore between the physical world and its virtual simulation. So humans become Martians, a colorful, genderless, only head and no body, version of ourselves. It’s a playful extrapolation of some of the futuristic stereotypes of our present society. 2021 version of the ‘little green man’ alien classic.

Not so different from us, these future humans like to spend their time telling stories, imagining the past and the future. I’m still creating their stories. I plan to spend many years imagining their stories and inviting people to join me in such task.

My artworks used to be about historical research, tales of world history. During the pandemic I started to put my energy into imagining futures I’d like to live in, how not to fall into dystopia. A little bit of joy, playfulness and hope.


Samsaylove by Krister Mägi

Submitted by Krister Mägi


Hercule Poirot: Poster design & mockup by Daryl Lee J.Y

Submitted by Daryl Lee J.Y
Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
“My name is Hercule Poirot, and I am probably the greatest detective in the world”. A detective poster design series I had in mind starting with the most famous Belgian detective from Agatha Christie’s stories. The look & style imitates the Art Deco period of the 1950s, in which all of his stories were set in. The mockup designs are meant for visual purposes only, to show how it would like when it is being framed as a poster in a studio or room setting.

Which would you pick to hang in your room or studio?


Personal illustration Project by António soares


Abstract art by Alice Neville

Submitted by Alice Neville


Creating as a cure to the virus boredom by Cielo Diov

Submitted by Cielo Diov
Hi! My name is Cielo.
During the quarantine of the first wave of COVID-19, I needed a creative outlet to cure my boredom.

I submitted my first post the gram on November 18th, 2020. The goal was to create and post every single day… two months went by in no time. I’ve been working on some new stuff that I want to share very soon. Hope you’ll like it.



El vuelo by Cacciatore Ilustrado


Art from within by Matt Sheehy

Submitted by Matt Sheehy
I am a self taught artist from Adelaide, Australia. My paintings are an integral part of who I am, they spring from the experience of waking life, strange memories, dreams and meditative states of consciousness. There is almost no separation between my thoughts, beliefs and experiences, and how I express myself visually. I discovered a talent to externalise what I see in my mind’s eye from a very early age, which grew over time to become the driving force of my life. Painting has always been my rock, my purpose through thick and thin. Every time I deviate into another medium, like a stream it always diverts back into the main river.

To me art is the blurring of the objective and subjective, as external reality and the imaginal become one.  If there is any goal for what I do it is to open peoples minds, to bring them images that haven’t been seen before. When we experience the new it opens the mind to further possibilities of experience, an ever expanding feedback loop of novelty. They are thought forms made flesh, living through the minds of those who see them. It is to dance on the edge of reality and bring back what I see.


Kent Galleries by William Kent

Submitted by William Kent

With Halloween around the corner I thought it was a good time to advertise witches 🧙‍♀️ angels 😇 and mythology enjoy 😉

Visit the website for more details:
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Mother Miranda by Lina Aster


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