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Beautiful Typography & Hand Lettering Works – September 2021

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We have more hand-picked beautiful fonts, calligraphy, hand lettering and typography art to inspire you this month! You will be yet again amazed by the details and how meticulous these typography designers are.


PETRUSHKA BOX by Bartu Başaran


Arial New Roman by Gabriel Nazoa


GRAFIXD | Self Promo by Hilka Riba


Be Where you Are by Johnnie Wong and Jennifer Deniz


Juice by Jacek Janiczak


Becoming a Successful Illustrator – book cover by Steve Simpson


Typography Exploration: Neue World by Pangram Pangram no.2 by Ana Sakač


TimeOut London by MUTI


Your New Creative. by Andrew Walsh




36 DOT – 08 by Muhammed Sajid


Snare (variable font) by Alexander Wright, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, frag TYPE, Michu Benaim S. and Inkclear


Feb – GIFs by Mat Voyce


#TagTheArtist by Hiroki Okura

Submitted by Hiroki Okura
Tagging the artist is just about ownership. It’s really easy to share a person’s work without the credit of the artist, especially around digital art! Behind each piece is a human being, and I think we all deserve to own our work.

Here’s some cool ways to share #tagtheartist.


Lettering x Photo by Aida Nazirova


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