type design inspiration - Carolina Denim - Branding by João Neves

Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – April 2020


We have more hand-picked hand lettering and typography designs to inspire you this month! Check out the following creative typography designs that have not been featured in our previous collections. Take note of the details, you will be amazed.

If you have great piece to show don’t hesitate to participate here.


Lettering Collection by Ju Schnee


United by Denim by TUX Creative Co., Anjela Freyja, Jean-Michel Lavoie and Olivier Pare


Glitch lettering artworks by Frayart

Submitted by Margarita Fray
My name is Margarita Fray aka Frayart and I am a lettering artist based in Berlin. I like to work with many lettering and calligraphy styles but lately I’ve been focusing more and more on glitch effects. So in this compilation I decided to showcase my most recent glitch lettering artworks.


temper by Jonas Pelzer

Submitted by Jonas Pelzer
temper is a free tool to build text-based one-pager websites.


Be-you-tiful Lettering design by Susan Romero Lorentzen


Hand Lettering Vol. 7 by Adrian Meadows


Work in Progress by SixAbove Studios


Long story sh–rt. by Nicklas Hellborg

Submitted by Nicklas Hellborg
sh–rt. is a short presentation format for all creative minds seeking inspiring stories from all areas of innovation and design. The conference invites everyone interested in interactive- or moving media to an evening of 4-6 quick 10-minute short talks from studios and individual artists in the industry. As interactive- and moving media continue to intersect, we want to gather and encourage conversations around our constant changing industry. The content of the talks are entirely up to the artists as long as it’s related to either interactivity, motion design, technology or animation. Whether it’s about a passion project, an emerging technology, a special workflow, a controversial theme, an interesting story, or just really weird stuff, is up to the speaker(s). The event is held quarterly in Oslo for designers interested in talks about tech, motion and digital design.


Scope by Jonas Pelzer

 Submitted by Jonas Pelzer
is a variable, monolinear typeface designed to enable typographic interactions. Its letters are constructed to function as mechanical variations and follow a strict set of rules: Closed forms are rounded, open forms are angular. This balance breaks the technical aesthetic with a soft, human touch.


Carolina Denim – Branding by João Neves


Letters4Ham: Hand-lettered Hamilton Lyric Posters by Risa Rodil



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