Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – May 2017

Motion Design – an abbreviation for Motion Graphics Design is the art of using graphic design and putting it motion with the use of visual effects, audio and animation in filmmaking, video production or multimedia presentations. Every month, we will be featuring of the best motion design works done by motion graphics artists from around the world to keep you engaged and inspired.

You can also have your motion design works featured in YDJ. We have a growing audience and we’re pretty sure our audience don’t mind giving you some attention and credibility for your piece 🙂


Lenovo – Different is Better by Peter Jaworowski, Marcin Kowalski and Karol Klonowski for Ars Thanea

LENOVO – Different Is Better from Ars Thanea on Vimeo.


Covestro Lab APP by Demodern


Meet Buck by TeamCert


Cube by Erica Haowei Hu

Cube from Erica Haowei Hu on Vimeo.

Hardwired by REDЯUM Image

Hardwired short retro cyberpunk hybrid between music video and short film, created by Katarzyna Widmańska and Amadeusz Wróbel. Inspired by 80s vhs style films. With heavy emphasis on hud and ui design with music by El Huervo.

Submitted by Amadeusz Wróbel


Consumer Segmentation by Martijn Hogenkamp, Ola Tandstad, Christiaan toomuchroom, Harold van Velsen and Zelig Sound

Consumer segmentation | Segment 01 from PlusOne

Consumer segmentation | Segment 02 from PlusOne on Vimeo.

Consumer segmentation | Segment 06 from PlusOne on Vimeo.

Consumer segmentation | Segment 09 from PlusOne on Vimeo.


UBI Giovani by Alessio Salatino, Alice Franco, Nicola Cellemme, Martijn Hogenkamp and Andrea Philippon

UBI Banca from PlusOne on Vimeo.


Format / Brand Launch (DC) by Vucko

Format / Brand Launch (DC) from Vucko on Vimeo.


Boxes by Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar


Wall Painting by Erica Haowei Hu

Wall Painting from Erica Haowei Hu on Vimeo.


Offset by Leo Mühlfeld



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