brand identity inspiration december 2023 - T H A L A D Y N by Tiare Payano

Latest Brand Identity Design Inspiration – December 2023

More brand identity design inspiration for you, before we wrap up the year 2023!
See our featured designers and their projects like Kaktos, Zen, T H A L A D Y N, Ideastudio and so many more!

View them all here.

Logofolio IV by Martina Bruccoleri Ochoa

Ideastudio| Branding by Yomna Atef

LOGO – FROG 2024 by matthieumartigny

Hacker Cat – Logo Design by Aditya Chhatrala

DropDown Logo Design by Victor Murea

Angels & Airwaves Life’s Waiting to Begin by Jake Warrilow

T H A L A D Y N by Tiare Payano

spaghetti by Yuri Kart

Zuora Rebrand + Case Study by Bill Kenney for Focus Lab

Hoplite by Zalo Estévez

OceanFlux Logo Design – Sun, Beach, Ocean by Dalius Stuoka | logo designer

NOOR law firm by Imagine Studio, Ugnė Rėčkė, Kristina Alijošiūtė, emilija dryzaite, Žygimantas Bidva and Emilija Jakimavičiūtė

Sandy Palm Logo Design – Palm, Beach, Ocean by Dalius Stuoka | logo designer

FunnyBuddy by Andrii Kovalchuk

Synapse by Josh Warren

Zen • Developer Product Brand Identity by Eva Kant

Submitted by Pinar Bahar

Zen is a programming language that embodies simplicity, empowerment, and innovation. With Zen, developers can enter a state of flow and build with ease. The language’s seamless workflow allows developers to focus on what truly matters, unleashing their creativity and potential.

In addition to its powerful programming capabilities, Zen pays attention to its visual identity. Inspired by the Buddhist Enso symbol, the Zen logo symbolizes balance and represents the flawless workflow that developers can achieve. The clean lines of the logo convey simplicity and strength, reflecting the core values of the language.

Typography plays a crucial role in the brand’s identity. The choice of IBM Plex Mono as the primary typeface ensures consistency and recognizability among developers, the target audience. This typeface not only looks sleek and modern but also evokes a sense of action and focus, aligning perfectly with the mindset of developers while they code. Whether it’s buttons on the website or clickable links, IBM Plex Mono brings a cohesive and user-friendly experience to the Zen brand.

But the visual identity of Zen doesn’t stop at the logo and typography. A consistent set of visual elements has been carefully crafted to engage the target audience across various platforms and mediums. From Twitter to YouTube, from podcasts to conference walls, the brand’s visual elements create a cohesive and recognizable presence for Zen. These elements not only reinforce the brand’s message but also provide a visual language that developers can relate to and resonate with.

And let’s not forget about the color palette. The choice of earthy neutrals for the color scheme draws inspiration from Zen Buddhism aesthetics. These colors not only create a calming and harmonious visual experience but also reflect the values of Zen itself. Just like the language, the color palette brings a sense of tranquility and balance to the brand.

In conclusion, Zen is a programming language that encourages simplicity, empowerment, and innovation in development. From its logo design to its typography, from its visual elements to its color palette, every aspect of the brand is carefully designed to create a seamless and inspiring experience for developers. With Zen, developers can truly code with a Zen state of mind.


Kaktos by Victoria da Costa, Transatlantico Studio, Sebastian Mojsa and Barbara Woinsk

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