packaging design inspiration december 2023 - Branded Delivery Backpack Design by tubik.arts

Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – December 2023

This month’s collection will amaze you!

From eco-friendly packaging, to colourful and exquisite styles, see our featured designers and their unique prints and packaging design projects.

CAFÉLIMO – 4 PACK ++ by Corinne Bachand, Simon Laliberté, BANG BANG, Marion Saint Sernin and Luc Robitaille

The Collective Spirits Co by Kutchibok Ltd.

Sunday Supper — Vegan Pasta by CHANCE ®

Wild Fruit by Constantin Bolimond

NIKE Club Cheetah Tagz by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

秋夕 그릭데이 (Greekday VIP Set.) by hobin ki, hyunmi kim, Arum Kim, Jelly Jung and 구 예진

Branded Delivery Backpack Design by tubik.arts

Hanwha EatEco Brand identity design by BOUD ®, youngmin hwang, Hatty Lee, Jaehyun Choe, Giulia Giugno, ji yeon Ma, Se won Kim and Jimmy Sungho Park

Naali – Cycles by Petitmoulin Studio

Elle by Bachir Bachchar and LightGray .

POWER by Delta Goodrem by Date Of Birth

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