logo inspiration october 2023 - Banff National Park logo design by Matthew Doyle

Latest Brand Identity Design Inspiration – October 2023

More curated projects to inspire you this month! Check out the following brand identity design trends and concepts that are making brands and businesses stand out from the crowd.

Got a favourite? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy viewing and happy designing!


HOTEL 23 – BRANDING by Patio Studio, Diego Velásquez, Sebastian Ospina and jueves doce


Uzbekistan Airways by ASGARD Branding, David Avakyan, Ildar Isanbaev and Sergey Shibaev


Logos & Marks — Vol. 02 by Maxim Bordiuh and DizArm Agency


Shipping and Logistic Branding by Orix Creative


B-Snowboards by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)


Frontend wizard by Andrii Kovalchuk



Scienti by miligrama design, Lorena Costa and Juvenal Joaquim


Selecto Coffee Rebranding by HEAZ ®, Yumi Jung, Miae Kim and S. E. LEE


Woofu – Brand Identity by Truong Hoang


RICCHO® by Taylor Shady


Logo / lettering by Wiktor Ares


Banff National Park by Matthew Doyle


ZOO Program by Daniel / Kreatank


Ha🤙aii by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold


Texvalley Branding Concept by Dmitry Lepisov


Introducing Odi by Focus Lab


Localiza by FutureBrand São Paulo, Gianlucca Segato, Amanda Oliveira, João Gvo, Alan Cano Munhoz, João Ferreira, Francisco Fernandes, Sauê Ferlauto, Felipe Luz and Isabella Mello


Nu Bank Hotsale by Bitasi Santos, Francisco Quiles, Roy Aguilar, Laura Benavides, Daniel Franco, Iván Rascón, Iván Aguilar, Luisa Antonieta, Eliud Nevárez, Gabriel Berta, Sarah Cardona E., Diana Haro, Tatiana Rico Cortés and Long Summer Days



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