typography design june 2023 - The Alphabetical Room by Liad Shadmi

Beautiful Typography & Hand Lettering Works – June 2023

We came across some typography and hand lettering projects that are both beautiful and motivational. Also featured in this month’s collection are some cute and out-of-this-world typefaces that are available for download. See all of out curated works below.


Lettering Collection 20 & 21 by Jamar Cave


Chrome Type by Pragun Agarwal


Voison [Font] by Alex Ortiga


5 Elements by MUTI


Sunday Punday No: 057 by Aryn Landes


Sugarcreek Wordmark by Chelsea Bunn


DOOM-DAH! by Steve Simpson


Type illustration V4 by Duong Nguyn


36 Days of Type – 2023 by ATOM63 (You Zhang)


Retro Vibes. Quotable. Hand Drawn Font by Graphic Assets 


Custom Lettering Overprint by Joseph Ernst


Talk is cheap by Eric Lee


Drawing practice by Mateusz Witczak


Record Store Day by Natalya Balnova


Special Pattern Design by Meg Lewis


Law of Attraction inspired Illustrative Lettering by Hiranyagarbha Studio and Atma Studios


One Tail at a Time Mural by Katie Lukes


UNIVERSITY WORK – Artisan Bread Packaging by Beth Dowd


The Alphabetical Room by Liad Shadmi



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