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Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – January 2023

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We came across some interesting motion and animation projects aimed at raising awareness about climate change and the importance of environmental conservation. They are our main highlights this month.

So, view them all in our curated list below…because they’re awesome! Happy viewing 🙂


A Devotion To The Extraordinary by Matsu .


Time by Gonzalo Menevichian


Fight On The Beach by Sheriff Ogunremi

Submitted by Sheriff Ogunremi

Hello Everyone,
My name is Sheriff Ogunremi. I’m from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a student and I study Architecture.
I want to become an Architect, but  Illustration and Animation is something I enjoy more. If we had Animaton course in Nigeria Institutions I wouldn’t think twice.

I create all my designs and animations on my phone, as I can’t afford to get a drawing tab or PC yet. I hope someday I’ll become great and also help others become more.


PayPass Sticker by Rabitabank by Sahil Sadigov and Jeyhun Abdullayev


PEPSI Taste The Beat by TELEVISOR Studio


Sebastián López Animation Reel by Sebastián López




Centennialz Planet by Andrés Felipe Rodriguez Rodriguez, Omar Galvis, felipe reyes, Sebastían García, Luisa Velásquez and Caballo Loco Studio


Georgia power LOBO.CX by Pedro Jones


CORAL BLEACHING by Matthieu H and Lucas Dulac


Metamorphosis by innerlights ° and Artman Studio



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