digital portraits - Soccer players #2 by Abdelrahman Taymour
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Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – October 2022

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New squeezed creative juices! In our creative art & illustrations this month, we’re featuring Inktober and lots of digital art, Halloween art, portrait drawings and lots more! Check them out in this post.


Portraits .50 by Mariam ElReweny


City Life by Annibale Siconolfi “Inward”


Locke & Key Concept art, Netflix Tv series by Pablo Olivera


Tangent, part 3 by Dimitris Ladopoulos


Various illustrations by Masha Foya

This illustration I made for an exhibition, curated by Pictoric, that supports shelters for dogs and cats, popularised adopting animals. In collaboration with Happy Paw and Silpo gallery.
Illustration for the topic “No more plastic”
My poster for international exhibition “Optimists/Skeptics” curated by Pictoric.


Mental health by Yana Kicc

Submitted by Yana Kicc
The series of illustrations is on the topic of “mental health”.
I’ve created illustrations for tips that help people stay happy.


Sampan ke mana by Farhan Masyadi


Beyond Diversity by Ricky Linn


Digital Artworks About Ethnic Beauty by tubik, Yaroslava Yatsuba and tubik. arts


Beach by Stian for unfold


Vegetables???????????? by catalyst


Chin Up by Gillian Levine


Rest Assure (Illustration Branding) by Pavlov Visuals


Dry run until success by Unni


Old street house by Giorgi Abzhandadze


Old London by RomainTrystram


2020 illustrations by Alyona Vorotnikova

OCD – Pandemic has become a difficult period for everyone in vary cases. I thought that the anxiety and rituals are same as constant feelings with OCD’s affected people. So in the illustration combined OCD syndrome and pandemic situation. The attributes of these two things in the illustration: the chest skeleton of the man’s back tells of the lungs that Covid 19 affects. Duckling in a sink represents the Rubber duck debugging method for solving rhetorical questions.
Jeanne d’Arc – Jeanne d’Arc is an illustration of an impression of a biography. This illustration is about a brave and single-eyed woman. I was delighted by her story. also I feel her as a young fragile girl which needs protection.
Egyptian tattoo artist – The Egyptian cat offers traditional Japanese tattoo sessions. Expensive.
Die Versuchung / Temptation – Red filtered appearance and apples as a symbol of temptation. priests representatives of priesthood are more contrasting and more susceptible to temptation.
Idols from Easter Island – Work is dedicated to my impressions, once from lucid dreaming. Idols are so amazing and mysterious. Picture tells that technology is a part of our life, therefore, anywhere humans are will be with them together, but the idols have not yet come to terms with it.


Ilustraciones para Bacanika by Andrés Felipe Rodriguez Rodriguez




Digital Portraits: Soccer players #2 by Abdelrahman Taymour


Album Covers Fanart #2 by Guilherme Grandizolli


Nature by 比格招HUHV for Rooot Lab


Week 24 – Daily Renders 2022 by huleeb .

Murky Nomad by huleeb
A scene we used to go by huleeb
Nostalgia by huleeb


Gucci | The Next 100 Years of Gucci | NFT by Bruno Ferreira

GUCCI NEW HORIZONS by Bruno Ferreira


Inktober 2020 by Hayam EL-Abbas


Mindscapes 6 by ranganath krishnamani


Sam Wilde’s profile by Between Sea & Sky

Between Sea & Sky · Deluge
Between Sea & Sky · Merlot
Between Sea & Sky · Obsidian


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