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Latest Brand Identity Design Inspiration – August 2022

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New this month! August’s curated collection of brand identity design projects include projects by klnstudio graphics, Emir Kudic, Karina LiAnna Borzova and Boris Batocanin Scroll down to view more.


Collection of logos logofolio by Andrey Habardin


TRANSFORM LOGOFOLIO Vol.1 by Transform design


Malta14 — Brand identity by Malta14 Collective, Lorenzo Genta and Greta Panero


Roots CBD – Branding & Packaging Design by Emir Kudic 

Submitted by Emir Kudic
Branding done for Ancient Therapy – physical and web store that sells CBD products based in Barcelona Spain!

Goal for this project was to redesign their whole identity system into something more modern, simpler, professional, clean and discreet when it comes to cannabis leaf placement since we didn’t want to come of as too weedy.

Client Testimonial : “Nice stuff Emir! We like our branding, it really fits nice to what we do”.


Finbit, financial data analytics logo: chart + negative space F by Alex Tass


Lina Coin – Visual Identity Guidelines by Faza Dzikrulloh for Odama


S Letter Logo Design by Md Asrafu


Rexto by Mahmodul Hasan Shifat


NIKE- GREATNESS HAS NO PEAK by klnstudio graphics

Submitted by KETY LUTUMBA


NewCont Inteligência Contábil by Ave Design


Us Creative Agency by Vu Tuan Phong


Uomra Logo by Abdullah Mubin


bullcode by Badr for logorilla


DNA matches by Yuri Kartashev


GA monogram by Yuri Kartashe




Les Belles Rives by Midi Quinze and Romain Belleville


KROK Animation Festival by Karina Li

Submitted by Karina Li
KROK — is the International Animated Film Festival.

The 8-day film show, taking place on a comfortable ship. The way of life and the way of thinking. The ongoing stream of creativity, joy, and communication. KROK is also a step. A step forward in the animated film industry, driven by the splashing waves and the fresh wind.

While working on the corporate identity, we were inspired by the Golden Age of American animation (the 1920—40s). Following its style, we have drawn a newer version of the mascot, as well as a few characters, which keep it company on various brand items. As a result, we have got a fully-fledged animated film plot from which you can’t tear your eyes away.

The brand colour palette consists of seven shades — three primary and four complementary ones. This kind of set enables to create a strong visual diversity, keeping it within a unified brand style.




Z****** / logo design ↗️↙️ by Usarek™ Studio


Candy Shop MAX by Ethan Fender


Longplay Case Study by Isaac LeFever


PeakCoin Logo Design by Elif Kameşoğlu


K logo design mark by pixtocraft – logo designer for twintrick


Personal Branding by Courtney Askew


Logo and corporate backgrounds design for crypto racing game by Alex Tass


Poke restaurant by Anna Borzova

Submitted by Anna Borzova
Poke restaurant: bowl of joy!
Tampere, Finland

Brand Identity, Brand illustrations, Packaging design, Motion logo

Poké is a restaurant serving fresh and healthy Hawaiian poke bowls to the people of Tampere. “We like to describe it as a deconstructed sushi bowl!” the Poké team says.

In Poké they believe that good food starts with good ingredients and that healthy eating should be enjoyable and fun. Based on this concept, I created a visual identity in a fun and simple style.

Since the main ingredient in poke is seafood (fish), I decided to use it as a logo, combined with chopsticks.

Moreover, visitors of the restaurant can set up their own poke bowl. It was this idea that inspired me to create several illustrations of ingredients (tomatoes, pineapples, mangoes) that form poke to reflect this feature. I also created illustrations of people who swim in the sea, surf (surfing is a popular sport in Hawaii) and eat poke. Illustrations can be mixed just like Hawaiian poke!


Brand designer & illustrator: Anna Borzova (Bychkova)
Assistant: Igor Borzov
Year 2021


Park by Qurany ☘ and Digi Clovers



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