CHOCOLATE / chocolate packaging idea by elif bulut

Gorgeous Prints & Packaging Design Collection – August 2021

Almost every business owner prefers to go digital with their brand. While this is most ideal method in terms of promoting a product or service, print media is still relevant. While the digital media is overcrowded with heavy contents and ads, print media still makes a huge impact in terms of marketing and promoting a brand or a product.

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VOID by The GrafixCat

Submitted by The GrafixCat 
VOID is a visually explorative project designed to represent through type and imagery the lesser understood notions of the universe. 

Featuring quotes from Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History in Time‘, the photography and imagery is combined with type to visually represent the subject and help the audience understand what is
typically difficult. 

The spreads featured show how entropy effects the literal ‘fabric’ of space-time and the chaos caused by our energy is the reason we cannot time travel. 

Or the intricate ways in which a black-hole’s gravity pulls in matter otherwise known as a ‘naked singularity’.

It was a challenge to solve how to simplify such a complex subject but to include an evoking visual. The project was both informative and educational but there was an underlining fact that design itself can be accessible to anyone and help everyone.


Brookies Cookies & Co. by BLANK® DESIGN STUDIO


MASTA by Mariana Beck


SEASNAK protein bars by candybrophycreative


Space Chips by Haiver Jaimes




Moisture Lap Branding&Packaging by LONG & SHORT and Juhyung Yun




Questione Gusto | Packaging by Silvia Sguotti


NOVA magazine by Sara Niño


MARIUS 2020 by Greta Janutytė, Sigita Markauskaite and Karolina Barkovskyte


Queen&Mouse whisky by Great&Golden Studio, Gabija Platukyte and Liudas Barkauskas


The Power of Beauty by Aurimas Grajauskas


Saviour Skincare by YUNGBLD studio


PHASES packaging by Podpunkt )


Hongmandang Dessert Cafe Brand eXperience Design by Tangible.


MONO by Sasha Kurilenko


Olivó – Made in Italy Olive Oil by Luca Battiato and Denny Saurio


CHOCOLATE / chocolate packaging idea by elif bulut


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