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Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – April 2021

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Check out this month’s curated collection of the best art and illustrations works. Featured artists and their artworks include paintings, portraits, colorful abstract art, doodles, drawings and more.

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Faces and places by Leanne Logan

Submitted by Leanne Logan


Remy the Hedgie by Wynn Yau

Acorn Delivery animated illustration
Acorn Delivery
Cozy Tea Party animated illustration
Cozy Tea Party
Dream Maker animated illustration
Dream Maker
Gentle Hero animated illustration
Gentle Hero
Imaginary Friend animated illustration
Imaginary Friend
Magical Wings animated illustration
Magical Wings
Paper Boat animated illustration
Paper Boat
Puddle Splashes animated illustration
Puddle Splashes

Submitted by Wynn Yau
This illustration series follows the whimsical adventures of Remy the Hedgie.
I’m Wynn — an illustrator and brand designer based in Toronto. My illustrations are inspired by children’s book art, outdoor adventures and my pet hedgehog Remy. For more recent updates, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.


Philosophical abstraction by Julia Liubina

Submitted by Julia Liubina
I was born in Ukraine in the small town of Romny in the north of the country.  According to my parents, I began to draw when I was a little girl and could already keep a pencil in my hand. I visited the school and the studio of painting and drawing at the same time. Later I graduated from art school. I confidently related my life with a creative profession and graduated from Kyiv University, the Faculty of Printing, and received a diploma as a graphic artist.

Having a large knowledge base on the history of the arts and owning various technicians, all attached to me greater confidence that I can fulfill any tasks.  But excessive versatility led me to itself.

The desire for creative zeroing was followed.  The point of reference I am a name of the “Door” picture.  The moment of
returning to a little myself, where there are no answers, where there is a joy of searching and delight of future discoveries.

Every morning in the company with a cup of coffee and soft pastel I make a quick etude. It is a spontaneous intuitive drawing without brains) I trust the hands and inner feeling to choose the color, composition and maintain the whole process.  At the same time, I noticed that my hung psychological gestalts and conflicts are closed with such an unusual method of finding an answer in the visual plane.

It seemed interesting to me to keep research on and thought, and what if these etudes can be bridges in those isolated islands of the psyche, where attention is required and healing?  When the dialogue of the viewer and the paintings occurs on the subconscious levels, where the inner critic has no voting rights.

Thus, the image acquires the status of a source. Based on some etudes, I make oil paintings.


Pirosmani Study by Jackson Dickstein


Under Construction by Michael Fugoso


The Housekeeper’s Resigned to what Roams in the Dark by Liam Cushing

Submitted by Liam Cushing
I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, but never had a particular style. Then one glorious day while I was bored at work, I decided to make a “back in 10 minutes” sign, but wanted it to accompany a weird enough drawing to make people question whether they should stick around. So I drew a stag with a mans head, who’s stare burned into your soul, while of course rocking a pair of Nikes.

That was the beginning of my style. I went home and decided I wanted ‘The Misters’, as I later called them, to have a more masculine face, so I drew heavy inspiration from Handsome Squidward. As my pieces evolved, I took inspiration from other great artists such as John Kenn Mortensen, and studied their art to learn their techniques with a simple pen, turning individual characters into morbid and oppressive themes.

I’ve got some ideas for the future, from illustrating a book covering complex and ambiguous themes, to displaying my art in the form of prints, t-shirt designs and tattoos. Who knows, certainly not me, but I’m gonna keep going cause it makes me happy.




Guaymi Collection of drawings 2021 by Maria Yolanda García Olave

Submitted by Maria Yolanda García Olave
Freelance Artist and  part time jobs. I’m doing Art for more than 10 years. I like to improve and streamline my social media and aim to make more sales. My website is

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Erin Alison Cooke Art

Charleston - blue abstract painting by Erin Alison Cooke Art
Kaleidoscope absract painting by Erin Alison Cooke Art
Locked Keys abstract painting by Erin Alison Cooke Art
Locked Keys
Signpost painting by Erin Alison Cooke Art
Under The Sea abstract painting by Erin Alison Cooke Art
Under The Sea
Wrist abstract painting by Erin Alison Cooke Art

Submitted by Erin Alison Cooke
Erin Alison Cooke is an American painter who lives and works currently in Nashville, Tennessee. From a young age, she had deep interest in art, science, and the intersection between the two.

Cooke graduated in 2001 from Wake Forest University in North Carolina as valedictorian with a BA in Studio Art, including Honors in Studio Art, and subsequently went on to study at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She also continued to paint at the same time, creating multiple works inspired by human anatomy. In 2005, she graduated with a degree in medicine from Baylor, and then completed radiology residency in Seattle in 2010 and fellowship in New Orleans in 2011. Subsequently she returned to Seattle, where she divided her time between the practices of medicine and painting. In 2020, she was recruited to Vanderbilt University to combine her work as both a diagnostic radiologist and an artist while teaching at the medical center.

Cooke has a special situation, working actively in the visual world not only as a painter but also as a diagnostic radiologist. Her artwork is naturally informed by her experiences of daily examination of the human body and its forms through medical imaging. Her work as a radiologist involves paying attention to subtle details while keeping in mind the overall picture and pattern of pathologic processes; similarly, her work as a painter requires continually consciously and unconsciously responding to mark making, forms, color and rhythm while keeping in mind the evolution of a piece as a whole. In this way, her dual professions are complementary.

Her works over the past several years have drawn on Cubism, movement, textural studies and color abstraction, and have been primarily acrylic on canvas paintings, including works of large scale. Cooke’s paintings are showcased in both public and private collections across the United States.


The Golden Geometry Coloring Book by Rafael Araujo

Submitted by Xondra Gálvez
Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan artist and illustrator whose work is inspired in nature and informed by mathematical calculations and geometry, resulting in captivating illustrations of shells and butterflies of a renaissance style. His tools of the trade are conventional tools such as a drawing table, ink, squares, a compass and a protractor. This is, for sure, a very unusual sight in thesextremely modern and technological times. If that wasn’t enough, he decided to share his love for detail and strict manual labor by publishing a first coloring book in 2016: the Golden Ratio Coloring Book. It was a hit among both art fans and coloring book lovers and it quickly ran out of stock. That book is such a sought after collectible

that art news sources continue to publish about it without clarifying that it is no longer being printed and that it won’t be printed anymore. Thus, fans get frustrated at finding that this coloring book is being sold at places like Amazon and Ebay for up $400 each.

So, after five years and many fan requests he is back with a completely brand new coloring book: the Golden Geometry Coloring Book.

This time around he has left the Earth to explore and experiment with the beauty found in phenomena of the universe, such as the deformations of the grids of space due to the effect of gravitational forces and the graphic descriptions of inter-dimensional portals represented by drawings of different types of tori, viewed from the inside and from the outside. This coloring book also includes some of his all-time favorite illustrations inspired by nature, such as shells, butterflies, flowers
and snakes.

And you can get this coloring book directly from the author himself, without intermediaries and at a very reasonable price. All you have to do is follow the Kickstarter campaign to get notified when it goes live on April 27, 2021.

Are you ready?


Violin City by Pratìc Design and Lamis Al


Surreal Lighters by Christina Kenton

Clouded Lighter sculpted art lighter by Christina Kenton
Clouded Lighter
Kid Lighter sculpted art lighter by Christina Kenton
Kid Lighter
One More Step Lighter sculpted art lighter by Christina Kenton
One More Step Lighter
Soft Dental Lighter sculpted art lighter by Christina Kenton
Soft Dental Lighter
The Kiss Lighter sculpted art lighter by Christina Kenton
The Kiss Lighter
Water Lighter sculpted art lighter by Christina Kenton
Water Lighter

Submitted by Christina Kenton
Christina Kenton is a self taught mixed media/ lighter centred artist from Vancouver BC. Christina has been creating her surreal pieces around fully functioning lighters for over 12 years. She was born into a world of art with her grandfather Ladislav Guderna a well known surrealist painter and a huge inspiration in her work. Along with her grandfather, dreams, animals, forensics and surrealism pay a big part of influence in her work. Christina has chronic vertigo from a past brain injury and uses art and painting a distraction and therapy for her anxiety and balance disorder.


Samsaylove by Krister Mägi

Submitted by Krister Mägi
Hi, these are my last visions of pictures!
Take care!


New England, Places by Britt Fabello

Submitted by Britt Fabello
Britt Fabello is an artist living and working in Portland, ME. She completed her BFA at Montserrat College of Art in 2012. Since, she has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including during her five-year stint while living abroad in London where her art began to truly take shape from her travels. Fabello’s art practice focuses on subtle textures created as a direct response to her surroundings. With a focus on meditative movements releasing her reflective memories, she works to united the unseen energy created through and around us with the tactile world.

Through the navigation of recent and past memories, ‘Places’ explores my personal connection to the unique sensations of an environment—the sights, smells, tastes, textures—which guide me in forming a picture of my surroundings. As time passes, a place becomes less distant and foreign. The detailed snapshots of the architecture, landscapes, and people, form the shapes and patterns that connect it all together. Its warmth inviting a deeper view beyond the surface level. The ease that accompanies the familiarity of an environment opens the mind, creating space for deeper healing, connection, and understanding.

With an emphasis on the tactile quality, ‘Places’ uses hand-sewing to weave together a mix of geometric and organic compositions with simple neutral colors and soft textures, emulating a calm warmth. By abstracting natural structures and architectural inspirations gathered on-site, each piece captures time and movement pulling from a memory linked to a specific place, imitating the feelings and sensations that come from the connection back to it. The hand-sewn lines puncture through the surface, bind to the core, and intricately weave through the paper holding the fragments of a place that stay with us as reminders of what connects us, fills us, and keeps us looking forward.


Time by Jennifer Busa

Submitted by Jennifer Busa
I have always loved art, but could never quite express myself in the right way. In 2009 I spent two weeks on holiday with my mom, who was very artistic, and she got me involved in an artistic project with her. From the first painting I created which was a Calla Lilly, I was fascinated by the effect of light and shadow on the object, especially the 3d qualities and how an object can stand out from the canvas.

I have taught myself everything I know and I love the process of learning new techniques and seeing those techniques having and amazing effect on whatever I am painting. Painting objects fascinates me especially antique or vintage
objects, their character helps them come alive on canvas. That is what I love to share with others. The character of the object I am painting and the happiness and tranquility of the creative process is what drives me.

If my work could inspire those feelings in others it would make my experience complete.


Misc3 by Viktor Pyatkin

Пожалуй хватит на сегодня 3D graphics by Viktor Pyatkin
Пожалуй хватит на сегодня.


Angel OK 3D graphics by Viktor Pyatkin
Angel OK
Clay waiting 3D graphics by Viktor Pyatkin
Clay waiting
Hidden Content 3D graphics by Viktor Pyatkin
Hidden Content


I See You by Rus Khasanov


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