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Amazing UX/UI Design Inspiration – March 2021

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In this freshly squeezed post, we roll out the latest UX/UI designs collection. Showcasing the best website designs, landing pages, mobile app designs, UI icons and many more.


VFX Courses App by Anders Bjarnle


Mobile Sneaker Store Concept by Kacper Samek for INVO


WeBikers – Bike Rent Mobile App Ui kit Figma by Pathfinder Std.


App Finance by Julia


Onboarding Concept by Glucode


Wallet Series by Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪


UI/UX for SmartDefi by Qream


Online Course App 📖 by Syamil


Yellow 404. by Marta


Onboarding App Design by CMARIX TechnoLabs


Health Dashboard UI by TechenSolutions


REBULK App by Ana Ferens

Submitted by Ana Ferens
REBULK is a renaming application. This app allows you to easily rename/remove the scope of files/folders in a few clicks. Add date/time stamps, replace numbers, insert text, convert case, add auto-numbers, process folders and sub-folders. Extremely useful for professional photographers, photography lovers or for someone who simply struggles from a regular files mess and wants to deal with chaos in a system. In this case, we try to face all of the design stages: starting from user values, research analysis, user needs from the interviews, lo-fi wireframes, animation behaviour, etc. The main solution that we provided for this app is the filtered category structure. So that’s why our regular user has the ability to rename the scope of files, literally, in 3-5 clicks.


Plant Shop by Ajay Prabhakar


Donuts Mobile App by Arjun


Discover Place App by Robert Betancourt


Frisbee – Web app by Ruslan Kulikov


Lune Production – personal project by Todd Huynh




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