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Latest Logo Design & Branding Inspiration – September 2020

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Check out this month’s curated logo design and branding projects for your inspiration. They are top-notch branding works created by designers from all over the world.

Are you a brand identity designer and have a project you’ve created and proud of? Then showcase your work in this category. Just submit your best piece here.

Ombú by Irene Arteaga


Branding Showcase by Rafael Fagulha

Submitted by Rafael Fagulha
I create exciting solutions hand made to your business through future proof Branding Development.
Hello! I’m Rafael Fagulha, Creative Graphic Designer based in Portugal and currently working as a freelancer. My main focus of expertise is developing meaningful bold and modern branding experiences that help you in the long run. A strong brand is a strong business. I love to create whatever pops in my mind to test how far my brain can go. If we do loads and loads of creative work in our mind, we get used to criticizing and evaluating our own work and other’s work as well, if they have quality, if there’s something missing or if the thing just doesn’t work at all.

Logofolio — vol 01 by Cris Ibanez


Geometric Mono-line Logo-marks by Dandre Foster

Summitted by Dandre Foster
I was always a decent artist, not so much on the traditional side of art, but drawing anime characters, creating short comic-style books for my friends and me to enjoy and bond together. I came out of my shell when I discovered Photoshop, given to me by a friend, Photoshop CS2. I got flung into the world of design, it opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities, mixing computer science, business and art. Now with a decade of learning, self-taught to formal art education, working at multiple advertisement agencies, to running my own business, it has fine-tuned my problem-solving skills and sharpen me as a person. On my journey, I am now exploring new and exciting facets of design, which inspires a new way of thinking. Now, this is what keeps me going.

Carousel by Jessie Maisonneuve


LOGOS COLLECTION 2020 Olga Mikhaylova


Logo project by Fumi Aktar

Submitted by Fumi Aktar


汉字与图形 by GuoHao Yuan


Billelis by Tuyệt Duyệt


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