best typography designs august 2020 featured image - PIAZZA ITALIA by Vincenzo Celli & Stefano Ginestroni
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Beautiful Hand Lettering & Typography Works – August 2020

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We have more hand-picked hand lettering, typography and font designs to inspire you this month. Check out the following creative typography designs that have not been featured in our previous collection. Take note of the details, you will be amazed!


36 Days Of Type 2019 by kb_calligraphy Kamil Borowski


Sketchbook 01 by Ales Santos


The Calligraphy Arena by Nancy Dungrani

Submitted by Nancy Dungrani

The Calligraphy Arena by Nancy Dungrani and Sakina Baranwala.
We were into pen calligraphy initially but 4 years ago we got to know about hand lettering. This was the artform that captured our eyes. Watching the way it can be moulded, the curves, the style, the colours and everything spoke ART. We practised it ourselves using brush pens and were intrigued by it. The use of textures and the strokes gave each letter its own meaning and it was nostalgic. But the time and the relative situation didn’t permit us to further continue it. Although this pandemic is disastrous, it gave us the opportunity to bring out our passion of doing calligraphy. Even after being a calligraphy enthusiasts, time didn’t permit us to explore our passion. Quarantine gave us a lot of free time to think about what we love doing and we eventually did, and that’s doing calligraphy and lettering! Social Media is on a roll this quarantine, We started our page on Instagram to portray our work and voila! We have so many supporting followers that we are thankful for. Let’s say calligraphy and lettering is our mood up-lifter and an escape. It’s a long way ahead and we’ll keep discovering and digging further into artworks because it’s a never-ending saga and you just need a brush and paper to explore! Just keep on following your passion and stop thinking about the the results/growth. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.


Calligraphy 3d illusions by Dima Lamonov


Stripes Alphabet by DAQ .


Twofold Vol. 4 by Mark Caneso


Sports Stars – NBA | Lettering series by Marcelo Schultz


Magnum #NeverStopPlaying by Luke & Morgan Choice


Alphabet Illustration by Katerina Namavira


Calligraphy Animal Skeletons by Andrew Fox


A font collection for illustrators and poster designers by Zetafonts Type Foundry


PIAZZA ITALIA – Cogito Ergo Exprimo (Press and Posters) by Vincenzo Celli and Stefano Ginestroni




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