Illustration Inspiration january 2020 featured image - Windmills town by yaona

Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – January 2020

In this latest collection of art and illustration inspiration, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from artists around the world. Enjoy!

Miscellaneous by Ana Miminoshvili

BinaryBlocks Web Illustrations by Amazing Monkeys, Ruben Fernandez, Fernando López

Nameless boy #2 by Kazuhisa Uragami

Vegeta Drawing by Tsaone King Tee

Submitted by Tsaone King Tee

fortuitous meeting by LiaoDaXian

Floresta by Paykhan

Submitted by Paykhan

Colors of kika illu by Magdalena Różańska

"Colors of kika illu" marine life (a whale, a jellyfish and corals) illustrations by Magdalena Różańska

Submitted by Magdalena Różańska

poolfool by JONES&CO

Just fun by Surya Salim Cokro

We are One, But we are Many by Matt Moriarty

Submitted by Matt Moriarty
This piece features a group (mob) of Australian wildlife coming together. The young joey holding the Australian flag & an Aboriginal flag represents the future with the cassowary, an ancient almost mythical animal representing old times. The two are looking at each other with acceptance.

I’m raising money to benefit the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund. Anyone who donates will be included in the draw to win my artwork.

For more details, please visit the GoFundMe page for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donation Fund.

Winter with friends by yuanyuan

Mystery Project 73 by DKNG

Growth Marketing 2 by Sher Rill Ng

Windmills town by yaona

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