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UX/UI Design Inspiration – August 2018

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In this freshly squeezed UX/UI design collection, we found the latest and nicest of UI designs, menus, buttons, dashboard interfaces and UI animations. Enjoy this month’s collection of UX/UI Inspiration.


L.POINT UX/UI eXperience Design Renewal by Plus X


My Baby App by tubik


Social Media App Animation by Dannniel for Marcato


Automation Hack #10 – Automated Sun Exposure App – Prototype by Andrea Hock for Adobe XD


TNLB / Research Lab by Mike | Creative Mints


Data & Machine Learning Pricing page by Shinas P for Stead


Financial Freedom by ranganath krishnamani for Liquidink Design


Icelandic Mountain Guides – Blog Post by Arnar Ólafsson for ueno.


Naturalist Onboarding Freebie by Faria for Orizon


Crowdrise Site by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Unfold Case Study by Alex Sailer for Focus Lab


Onboarding for a Smart-Home App by Kulik Oleg


Pricing Page by Kiel Cummings for Reform Collective

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