mobile app design 2017 featured image CS:GO - UI Redesign by Renato Henrique
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UX/UI Design Inspiration – January 2017

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A new year and a new beginning! In this freshly squeezed UX/UI inspiration showcase, we found the latest and nicest of mobile app designs, UI menus and animation, dashboard interfaces and many more. Check them out below.


CS:GO – UI Redesign by Renato Henrique 


UI Collection in Motion by Minh Pham  


Eight App by Anagrama Studio


One Shared House by Anton Repponen 


Detailes by xipishi 


Bike Radar – find bike stations near you animation by Piotr Miłoszewski for intent 


Cinema Tickets Booking Flow by Igor Shepel for Anadea Labs 


Daily Ui 13healthy Diet by Tingting 


mart and GiftBox – Product item by Josh Rogers for Enabled 


Settings Icons by Igor Savelev 


Android Marshmallow Boot Sequence for Will Frohn for Google 




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