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Spotlight On Logo & Graphic Designer: Ash Flint

Ash Flint is a multi-disciplined graphic designer based in Nottingham, England. A Falmouth University graduate, Ash has always had an interest in creative subjects particularly in brand identity. His portfolio speaks for itself as he puts great passion and bold creative thinking into his work.

We’re happy that he is able to spend some time to share his experience with us.


His approach to helping clients with a design project

Each project starts with a good discussion on what the client requires, from there I establish a few directions based on strong ideas which engage and excite the target audience. I focus on a simplistic style which is a constant state of refining the design, I find this results in the best work.


On finding inspiration

I always try and start of the day with looking at what’s new, I’m often looking through Siteinspire and Behance. I also have lots of logo design books which I regularly look through. You have to train yourself to understand what’s good design.


On keeping himself motivated…always!

Going to guest lectures at uni always motivated me as they usually inspire a way of thinking or an approach to projects. I watch lectures on Youtube. Aaron Draplin is a big inspiration. I think it’s important to take note of people further along the path than yourself.


Ash Flint Personal Identity

Cloud 9

Derbyshire Dales

Dupper Farms


The following are links which you can connect and talk to Ash:




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