logo design inspiration june 2016

Latest Logo Design Inspiration ‒ June 2016

There are many great logo designs out there. I came across some modern ones done by designers that really stood out and would like to feature them here in this post. You can also feature yours here.

Just take a look at these wonderfully designed logos and happy viewing!  😀


Dv Artz ® Twenty Sixteen by DV Artz®


Fanbit Concepts by Jordan Jenkins


Skapa Logo Animation by Andrew Moraca

PM’C by Kroka Dilo  


Anthony Boyd Branding by Anthony Boyd Graphics 


Enok Madrid – Personal branding by Enok Madrid  


Crystal logo for MDD Design by The Great Roshan 

Beard Geek Logo by Alex Broekhuizen in Logo’s for sale  


Flightcert Branding by Deb Panckhurst

Dragon Sports Logo Illustration by Derrick Stratton


Hotel Reign by Robert Bratcher

Hotel Reign (Signage) building travel branding logo hotel


Chillout Village 1 by Lan Dao


Aashmani Logo by Aditya Chhatrala 


banila co-Clay Patra Illustration by KHAI 

Mad Ben Cafe Rebranding by Lucas Fields  

TrueXperience by GMK Hussain and ETR Farrukh 

Bulgarian Game Awards by Martin Castellow  


Yellow Page Directory Services Logo Redesign by Kristi Doolittle Wick 


Bodas de Papel by Sonia Perales – OBB 


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