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Creative Art & Illustration Inspiration – September 2020

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Looking for some art, illustration and/or drawing inspiration? In this monthly collection, we are featuring some of the best illustrations, digital art, sketches, doodles and paintings from around the world.

You can showcase your artwork on the YDJ Blog too. Just submit your best piece to get featured.


Classic Colours by Charlotte Grieves

Submitted by Charlotte Grieves
This Illustrations are a brief reflection of what left us this artist an inspiration for new generations.


Study – Le Bernin by Le Grèbe


Ginger girl illustration by Justina Gestautaite

Submitted by Justina Gestautaite


Robots and Sweet Treat by Shane Bygrave

Submitted by Shane Bygrave
Today, I am excited to share with you wild eccentricities from the abyss of my imagination. After a moment of being captivated, I should evoke your emotional desire for something sweet. I hope you like!


Scribble drawings by BP Chambale

Submitted by BP Chambale
I’m a self taught artist who creates expressive ballpoint pen portraits rendered in quick scribble lines.


Opera d’arte by Pankhuri Dhingra

Submitted by Pankhuri Dhingra


Paintings by Tristan Yahschild

Submitted by Tristan Yahschild
My name is Tristan Yahschild. I am an artist who loved art from a young age and I now create original paintings. I work hard and paint almost every day from morning to night, to create better works of art. The inspiration from my artwork comes from nature. My goal as an artist is to keep learning and get better!


Silent conversation by Dipti Pandey

Submitted by Dipti Pandey
I am born and brought up in the metropolitan city Mumbai . The city that never sleeps. The never ending construction is part of Mumbai life. Although there are millions on apartments you hardly see anyone in the house. These windows are silent all the time.

This work is about silent dialogues between life and objects of desire.


Illustrations by Marianna Orsho

Submitted by Marianna Orsho

A collection of work by Marianna Orsho, London based multidisciplinary designer and graphic artist specializing in branding, typography, and illustration.

Commissioned by Serif in 2019 for the release and promotion of the latest version of their award-winning program Affinity Designer. Featured as in-app sample art, as the hero image on the Affinity Designer website, startup panel and in the promotional video.

Created using Affinity Designer as part of Serif’s ‘100 Days, 100 Commissions’ Initiative, 2020.

Digital illustration, 2019.

Digital illustration, 2020.


Acrylic painting by Nisha Thakur

Submitted by Nisha Thakur
Hi, I’m Nisha a self taught painter and a Mechanical Engineer my profession. PAINTING is my love discovered in this lockdown.. n now experimenting with all types of Paintings. Balance paintings are saved at Insta account. You can approach me for any personalised painting too.


Angels- The Hidden Figures by Rhoda Fisher

Submitted by Rhoda Fisher
GRIEF is something I cannot explain. I cannot describe it; I feel it is something that is just there. Losing a loved one someone that you’re close to, and in my case, my mum was in my eyes one of the worst experiences.

 Weinstein (2008) states “Grief is regarded primarily as a psychological or intrapersonal expression in reaction to a significant loss, but one which also encompasses spiritual, behavioural and somatic elements…“

The UK celebrates Mother’s Day in March, and I knew that day could and would be completely unbearable. I knew that I needed to find a way to focus my mind on something, anything, one thing that could and would help me and my siblings to deal with our loss.

Taking the element of spirituality and exploring the concept of guardian angels. In Christianity, we learn of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel and of course, Lucifer who became Satan. Through research, I found there were many, many others such as Uriel and Rafael. These angels sent to guide, advise, encourage and protect you.

During this project, I was able to destress and focus on something other than my Grief and direct my pain creatively and productively. The Angels support the feeling of peace and contemplation and help me to reflect on my relationship with my mum. In this work, I hoped that it would encourage and support others, not necessarily to believe in angels, but to use art therapy to help them while they process their Grief.

 Angels- The hidden figures will exhibited at the FBQ Museum in Qatar from 13th November to 12th December 2020

 Weinstein, J 2008, Working with loss, death and bereavement: a guide for social workers, SAGE Publications Ltd, London.


Minik çizimler by Devran Akar

Submitted by Devran Akar
Ruh halimi yansıtan ve benim gibi hissedenlerin hoşlanabileceği , başkalarına da ayna olabilecek , bir çok alanda kullanılabilecekleri minimal tasarımlar yapıyorum. Gün içinde herhangi bir şeyden ilham alabiliyorum. Mutlu çiftlerden, üzgün insanlardan , fotograflardan, hayvanlardan …  

Translation: I make minimal designs that reflect my mood and just like those who are like me, I can be a mirror to others in many areas. I can be inspired by anything during the day. From happy couples, sad people, photographs, animals …


Gentle persuasion by Cathy Houlton

Introducing Genevieve

Temples and streetlights

Keeping the wolves from the door 1 and 2

Submitted by Cathy Houlton


Passion 4 Cars! by Lahiru Karunaratne

Submitted by Lahiru Karunaratne
I am a self taught amateur artist with a huge passion for drawing cars. The drawings are free-hand sketched on paper using a pencil, inked and coloured using colour pencils and markers. Having grown up working on cars daily throughout my childhood and spending all my weekends at the race track watching all the race cars, I was hooked on everything related to cars.

During stressful days I found sketching and drawing cars relaxing rather than meditation/yoga! As the years passed, I was fortunate enough to talk with various artists from all over the world whom share the same passion that I have towards cars and through which I learnt a few tips which has helped nurture me into what is reflected on my drawings today. Even though I cannot thank each and everyone that helped me and encouraged me towards drawing more, deep down I am always grateful.


REVERB by Tamara Spence

Submitted by Tamara Spence
For me Art is healing…lessons of personal acceptance.
My greatest influence was my father a sculptor, life philosopher, lover of nature and teacher. I grew up half in Vancouver and half on Salt Spring Island, BC. I am an island/city girl. I have lived in North Vancouver with my husband and family since 1998.I was a varsity volleyball athlete and have enjoyed coaching for over 20 years. This is my second career after leaving Nursing due to a back injury. 

I enjoy creating abstract forms through drawing, painting and sculpture, implementing inks, acrylics, cardboard, clay, papier-mâché, and watercolours. I enjoy mixing my mediums and challenging myself.

Organic shapes, textures and colours in nature inspire me. When abstract forms create meaning for me, I am in heaven.


Illustrations by @caballerodraws

Submitted by Carlos Caballero
Hello, I’m Carlos Caballero, @caballerodraws, an advertising art director and illustrator from Spain. I usually make digital illustrations, but I also do traditional painting. Nowadays I am trying to explore new themes, colors and angles to forge a unique style.


Art work by Sonu Rajpurohit

Submitted by Sonu Rajpurohit


Portraits by Chinmoy Kalita

Submitted by Chinmoy Kalita



Submitted by Mamoru Endo


Stay cool this summer by Justyna Szulecka



Portfolio 2016/17 by Ashwini Phadke


Colorgalery by Christine Brun

Submitted by Christine Burn
Self-taught I love the sea and to paint 🌊happy to show my last paintings.




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