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26 Impressive Examples Of Icon Design For Your Inspiration

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Today, we would like to do our bid to inspire icon designers, or anyone who intends to design icon sets of their own. It’s a challenge to create high quality icons that has commercial value. With that said, we have curated a few inspiring examples in this post.

From flat design to skeuomorph ones, we hope the examples shown will help get your icon design creative juices flowing. Happy viewing and if you have any comments, do tell us about it at the bottom of this page.


Set of line icons [03] by Cyrografik/ Magda Cyrczak 

Banking Icons Set by vivek unni  

Mail Icons by Christian Siles

Daily UI # Simple icon by Zacker  


Sports Icons by The Eyecons  


Icon Font by Giulia Munari for SDL  


Original Strawberry by Dusign  


Boxing Glove iPhone App icon | iOS, Design by Ramotion

Dropbox File Icons by Morgan Allan Knutson for Dropbox Design 

Sketchy Icons by Ryan Putnam for Dropbox Design  

Pokémon Type Icons by Louie Mantia for Parakeet  


Star Wars Filled Icons by Justas Galaburda  

icons-No.2 by Dot


Daily Routine Icons by Burnt Toast


Earth Day Icons by Ryan Putnam  


Operator Bots by Ryan Putnam for Operator 

Instagram by Michael Flarup  


Pay with Square Branding by Robert Andersen  


Icons by Mike

Forum Icons by Andy Selimov 


Gesture / Animation Icons by Zach Roszczewski  

Mystery Project 13 by DKNG 


Oreo by Julian Burford in Food App Icons  


Pattern icons by Nick Slater 


Airbnb Icon Suite by Zach Roszczewski in Airbnb  


Line Icons by Vic 

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