illustration inspiration may 2024 - S K E T C H B O O K / Fashion / Pencil & Watercolors by Sarah Stark

Creative Art & Illustrations Inspiration – May 2024

See our May’s featured artists in this blog post. Among them are Takatoshi Okayama, Sarah Stark, Houda Bakkali, Lisa Odette, German De Vivero and many more!

From portrait paintings, fashion illustrations and digital illustrated posters, you’ll love this month’s curated artwork.

‘SURFACE PLAY’ by Kim Byungkwan

Gig Posters 2023 by Pedro Correa and Closer&Closer Artists

半径20000キロ by Takatoshi Okayama

S K E T C H B O O K / Fashion / Pencil & Watercolors by Sarah Stark

“Digital Art, Digital Culture” by Houda Bakkali

Submitted by Houda Bakkali

Digital art is not a trend, it is the present and the future. My art represents the need to tell stories through captivating and surprising environments, in which the viewer can immerse themselves, as is the case with augmented reality. It’s a way to experience a variety of sensations and emotions with my artwork. It also allows me to expand the story and give it life or several lives, as many as I want.

In addition, it’s a way to create more fun and unique environments, involving the viewer in the artwork and making it grow over time with new stories, settings and characters.

“Digital Art, Digital Culture” is a part of a global project focused on creativity and tech to inform, train and entertain, creating art with different uses, explaining new concepts, sharing new ideas and creative process. Creating a universal message of hope and joy, art and creativity, without generational or physical limits. A timeless and useful message.

Bakkali’s exhibition hosted by AF Abu Dhabi is the best example of the versatility of digital art. It’s ability to share synergies with audiences around the world without borders. Through augmented reality and multimedia contents, visitors can enjoy some of Bakkali’s masterpieces inspired by Emirates, Paris, Biarritz, San Remo, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid or Cannes, the iconic French city where Bakkali was awarded with the prestigious New Talent Award at the Artistes du Monde Festival in 2018.

Peas-eyed Dog by tzeho lai

Star Wars Tutorial by Roman Klčo

Guy drummer and drum set by Anton Fritsler

The Perfect Guest by Folio Illustration Agency

Irene by Mary Maka

Round Face Bag by Lisa Odette

Neon Style by teona sheizashvili

Equine Portraits 23/24 by Lola Dupre

Bonnie after Eddowes Turner, 2024, 11.6 x 16.5 inches
Sweet William after Stubbs, 2023, 11.8 x 11.8 inches
Twigs after Volkers, 2023, 11.6 x 16.5 inches

Whale Revisited by Brad Hansen

Rakku_draw by YONG KIM

Photo Digital Paintin – Jin by Deli Luthfi

Draw this in your style (challenge) by Nastasya Popkova

2024 Illustration Portfolio by German De Vivero

Submitted by German De Vivero

I received illustration training for animation productions from institutions like Image campus from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I also studied figurative painting at Fundación Cultural Bohemia in Colombia and a 6week-Classical drawing and painting workshop at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. My software skills include expert-level abilities in Illustrator, Photoshop.

In the past, I have worked as a freelance figurative artist and instructor, teaching the basics of drawing and digital illustration to children and young adults.

I also have experience as a vector artist, creating assets and props for online games like Mini fazenda and FarmVille back in 2010. Most recently, I worked as a freelance character designer creating concepts, expressions, and model sheets for a corporate mascot for Delighted Coaching; an entrepreneurial consulting company that provides strategic planning to small businesses across the United States.

I am passionate about illustration, character design, classical painting and drawing and I truly enjoy the process of bringing new visuals and personalities to life. With my technical abilities and creativity.

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