motion design inspiration may 2024 - Macho Man’s Kitchen Chaos by Fraser Davidson for Cub Studio

Awesome Motion Design Inspiration – May 2024

New 3D billboard projects, a unique stop motion ad, an animated poster featuring four iconic heroes we all love in the 90s and lots more!

Watch them all in this month collection of Awesome Motion Design Inspiration…and happy animating!

Burn Ghost by Carlos Hidalgo, Formato TV, Dyne Studio, Íris Dórdio, Andrés Belisario, Terry Williams and Roberto Gonzalez

Elemis | stop motion animation by Margaret Scrinkl

ORA 03 – GWM Motors – BILLBOARD 3D by MUVA House, Douglas Benvenuti, Eric Vanucci, João Marcos Britto, Daniel CSP, Wemerson Pereira, Manoel Michael, Victor Oliveira, Oda Junior, Tiago Pacheco, Lian Parma, Dhioshy Pimenta, Walter de Andrade, Caio Vinicius and Katan Walker

W Concept: Media Art by SUPER VERY MORE, Haram Lee, Jihye Gwon, Chanwoo Kim and OBJaehyeon Jo

Macho Man’s Kitchen Chaos by Fraser Davidson for Cub Studio

Reddit | 3D Motion by Nikita Leonov

Capsule by Solver 3D (Eka)

Friendship by Pablo Orrego

TMNT – Animated Poster by Animagic Studios

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