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Latest Brand Identity Design Inspiration – May 2023

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A freshly blend of logos and brand identity design projects for your inspiration this month. See our newly featured works which include Octopus branding, FC Annecy, Neptune Coffee & Drinks Branding, Arabic logosSearchify and lots more!

Check them out in this post.


P-8 by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)


Kiana – Logo Concept 1 by Victor Murea


Pay Pal animated logo by Ali Nazari


Letter N – Nature. 36 Days of Type. Day 14 by Dmitry Lepisov for Lepisov Branding


O for Octopus. 36 Days of Type. Day 15 by Dmitry Lepisov for Lepisov Branding


For Immediate Release by Dan Cederholm


FC Annecy – Branding by Romain Billaud, Jérémie Gauthier and Almarena Creative


Fjellinjen by Tank Design, Ina Brantenberg and Tim Allum Nielsen


Merluzo Fish & Chips by Marc Blanes Studio, Clara Faner and Miqui Cerdà


Neptune Coffee & Drinks Branding by Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira

Submitted by Cansu Dagbagli Ferreira

Sun’s out, drinks up!

Neptune Coffee & Drinks is a trendy and stylish cafe and bar located in sunny Izmir. The mission is to provide a welcoming and enjoyable environment for people to gather and savor their favorite coffee and drinks. Brand name is inspired by the sea god Neptune, and the branding reflects this concept with a fresh and vibrant design choices. The brand personality is intended to be fun, welcoming, and memorable.

The brand colors are chosen as deep blue and mint green, inspired by the sea god Neptune. These colors are fresh, inviting, and reminiscent of the ocean and the beach. They create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or a refreshing drink. Brighter and more energetic colors are used as secondary, to compliment the sunny and refreshing energy of the cafe.

The typography choices are clean and modern, with a nod to traditional coffee and bar signage. Title typeface has a warm and intimate mood while the body typeface is easy to read; the combination creates a sense of young energy and a welcoming feeling.

Services: Creative Direction & Branding


Dive records store – unrealized concept by Petr Kudlacek


Logofolio Vol.3 by Tim Arnold


Logotypes and symbols 2/2023 by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦


Arabic Logos Vol. 02 by Hassan Ragheb


Logo for a Crypto Exchange by Bohdan Harbaruk 🇺🇦


FourFuse Logo Design – 4 + F Monogram / Lettermark by Dalius Stuoka


Dapper Duck Logo by Gregory Grigoriou


OGV Studio / Branding by Ognjen Gligorijevic


ZOMI by Brainchild Creative and Kailin WU


Searchify by Omar Mansoor


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