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Best iPad Screen Protectors for Any Digital Artists

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We all love our tech devices, especially when it’s brand new and fresh out of the box. Then we’re inclined to get some accessories for it to make sure they don’t get a single scratch.

Certainly, you’d want your iPad to always look new and spick & span. But of all the accesories you can buy, we know it will be for protecting the touchscreen first.

So, we’re dedicating this article to all of you iPad owners who are reliant on this device to do your drawing, sketching, digital painting and writing with your favorite iPad apps like Procreate and Goodnotes.

This article is intended to assist you in selecting the best iPad screen protector, so that nothing hinders your creativity.

How to choose the best screen protector for my iPad?

iPad compatibility: Always check if the screen protector supports your iPad model.

Durability: A 9H hardness screen protector for example, is tough and shockproof. If however, you prefer a thinner surface, make certain that they are of high quality. If the brand comes with a warranty or replacement and good customer support, that’s even better…and we have a recommendation here.

The installation process: We get that most of us aren’t expert in installing screen protectors. That’s why we do check on user-friendliness of the iPad screen protectors we recommend. But make sure that you read the instructions carefully.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to clean your screen before installing to avoid bubbles appearing. This will also save you the time and the hassle of having to re-install the screen protector.

Will my Apple Pencil or stylus pen tip get worn out if I use a paper texture screen protector?

We’d say yes, if you have to create digital art, writing or taking notes on your iPad on a daily basis. Then again, other factors like quality of the screen protector and stylus you’re using, and how hard you press, do affect the wear & tear of your pen nib.

However, replacing pen tips should not be your main concern, as there are replaceable pen tips available in the market. As mentioned, if you were to use your iPad with your stylus everyday, then take note of how often you’d have to replace them and whether the replacements will be too costly. If it is, then it all boils down to the quality of the screen protector or the stylus you’re using.

We’ve done a thorough product research on Apple Pencil alternatives. If you’re interested in getting a better quality yet affordable stylus pen for use on your iPad, then it’s worth reading our article.

Also, if you’re familiar with the Paperlike brand, you’ll notice that we didn’t give any mention about their iPad screen protectors. This is because there were lots of mixed review from users who are using it. We wouldn’t say their screen protectors aren’t good, considering the price. We simply believe there are less expensive options. And we just found a few brands that didn’t comprise on quality and functionality.

So, if you’re looking for Paperlike alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. We dug deep to find the best screen protectors so you don’t have to. We also have some non-paperlike recommendations.

So, which screen protectors are the most suitable for drawing and writing on iPad?

We searched for quality, realiability in everyday use, and how long the screen protectors can protect your iPad and your stylus pen when in use.

The following list is our current best recommendation:

  1. KCT Paperfeel Glass iPad Screen Protector
  2. ESR Paper Feel
  3. Ambison Matte Glass
  4. BERSEM [3 PACK] Paper Feel
  5. Hocents. Silk-Feel Glass
  6. amFilm (2 Pack) Glossy Tempered Glass

1. KCT Paperfeel Glass iPad Screen Protector

KCT Paperfeel Glass Screen Protector Compatible with iPad Pro 11 inch (2022, 2021, 2020, 2018 Models)
Image source:

The KCT Paperfeel is a tempered glass screen protector which combines the protective function of the tempered glass layer with the Kent paper film texture. Kent paper film has a more refined texture than PET films, giving you a more comfortable writing and drawing experience. It also causes less abrasion on the tip of your stylus.

KCT’s tempered glass layer is 3-5 times more shock-resistant and has a cushioning effect to protect your iPad from the impact of heavy objects.

•  Anti-glare and shatter-proof
•  Very easy to install with its auto-alignment kit
•  Gives you a more natural writing and drawing experience.

•  Comes only in one piece
•  The auto-alignment kit will cause air bubbles to appear when not accurately aligned.

Finish type: Tempered glass with Kent paper film

2. ESR Paper-Feel

ESR Paper-Like Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11 (2 pieces)
Image source:

The ESR Paper-Feel will make drawing and writing on your iPad more accurate and responsive.

The ultra-thin textured surface of this screen protector provides a better grip of your Pencil nib. This means you can draw, write or even sketch with more precise lines and shading.

Made with the artist in mind, ESR is ideal for digital artists of all skill levels who work with Procreate and other professional writing apps.

•  Feels like real paper texture
•  Scratch resistant
•  Comes in 2 pieces
•  Easy to install with super easy to follow instructions
•  The screen protector is very transparent and has a much clearer view.

• Feels flimsy because of its ultra-thin layer.

Finish type: Matte

3. Ambison Matte Glass

Ambison [2 Pack Matte Glass Screen Protector Compatible with iPad Pro 11 2022/iPad Air 5 2022/iPad Air 4th Generation 10.9"
Image source:

The Ambison screen protector offers a very good anti-glare feature, without affecting your iPad screen’s clarity. This is excellent if you need to use your iPad outdoors or in brightly lit environments.

It responds to the Apple Pencil incredibly smoothly, which makes drawing and writing feel more natural and responsive.

•  Super easy to install with alignment frame
•  Shatter-proof and scratch-resistant
•  Customers who bought it love the anti-glare feature and its smooth texture.

•  Not really anti-fingerprint.

Finish type: Tempered glass matte

4. BERSEM [3 PACK] Paper Feel

BERSEM 3-PACK Paperfeel Screen Protector - Matte PET Film for Drawing Anti-Glare, Face ID and Apple Pencil Compatible
Image source:

Need to practice, then improve your drawing skills significantly? Digital artists love the Bersem Paper Feel Matte protector.

The matte has a PET film surface coating, originated from Japan that’s anti-glare and designed to work best with the Apple Pencil. It’s very responsive too.

This screen protector is definitely suitable for daily use for beginners to professional digital artists, especially if you pay a lot of attention to details.

•  Comes in 3 pieces
•  Good anti-fingerprint and anti-glare feature
•  Works great with Procreate & Apple Pencil
•  Provides a very natural, precision drawing and writing experience.

•  The PET coating makes the display look slightly dimmer
•  Paper texture will feel slightly rougher after a lot of writing and drawing.

Finish type: Matte

5. Hocents. Silk-Feel Glass

Hocents. Silk-feel iPad Glass Screen Protector
Image source:

For those who prefer a smoother or non-paper-feel screen protectors, this is our best recommendation for you. The Hocents. tempered glass screen protector features an oleophobic coating that has a silky-smooth texture. The coating is also shock-proof, anti-perspirant, and fingerprint-resistant.

Besides providing seamless drawing, you can also enjoy a comfortable viewing and touch experience with this screen protector.

•  Durable, waterproof and shockproof
•  Easy installation with the easy-to-understand guide and alignment frame.

•  Comes only in 1 piece
•  The auto-alignment frame will cause air bubbles to appear when not accurately aligned.

Finish type: Silk-feel tempered glass

6. amFilm (2 Pack) Glossy Tempered Glass

 amFilm Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 (2022, 2021, 2020, 2018) Glass for iPad Pro 12.9 inch, Ultra Sensitive, Face ID and Apple Pencil Compatible
Image source:

This is yet another non-paperlike screen protector you’ll love that scores great in durability. The amFilm screen protector has a glossy finish that absorbs damage from daily wear and tear. It is also waterproof and anti-fingerprint.

What users love most about amFilm is that it does a very good job in protecting their iPad screens when it fell. amFilm is also getting great reviews in terms of the warranty and free replacement, in the event of a defect or if you didn’t install them correctly.

There are 2 pieces included with two sets of cleaning kits and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

•  Very easy to install
•  Durable, shockproof and anti-scratch
•  Great customer service and free replacement.

•  Not anti-glare – not suitable for bright environments
•  Less friction on the Pencil – may not provide optimum natural drawing and writing experience.

Finish type: Glossy tempered glass

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