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Latest Brand Identity Design Inspiration – December 2022

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Latest collection of hand picked logos and brand identity design for clothing brands, restaurants, tech startups and a font shop for your inspiration this month.

Featured designers here include Tatyana Kirichenko, Sandeep Roy, Eddie Lobanovskiy, Baianat and many more. Check out their amazing projects in this blog post.


EMIKO clothing brand by Tatyana Kirichenko


Dopamynd Studio Brand Identity by Sandeep Roy

Submitted by Sandeep Roy

Dopamynd is an omni-channel Mindfulness Yoga-Meditation studio with Therapy/counseling, addressing preventive &  post prescription based Mental-Health solutions provider. 

The logo mark is a combination of sitting Surya Namaskar asana with centered EYE and infinity. Surya namaskar represents the cycle of any life, from the unmanifested embodied in matter, to the return to the unmanifested that has reached a higher consciousness.

Eyes are probably the most important symbolic sensory organ. They can represent omniscience, and/or a gateway into the soul. In yoga, the infinity symbol is a representation of oneness, and a reminder that we are all united in this cycle of life.

All combined to a beautiful meaning of peaceful, controlled self.


Logofolio 2022 Vol.02 by Duong Nguyn and Hoàng Việt


Garoz by Kled Ahmed™


RANA RESTAURANT – Identity by Happycentro Design Studio


Bardot by Kallan & Co, Gra Monteleone, Brett King and Taru Mikkola




Hadeswap Brand by David Kovalev ◒ for unfold


Bird Logo by Abdullah Mubin for Orizon


Tech Logo Design | qantec by MD AL AMIN for Fixdpark


Covalent | Brand Exploration by Brennan Burling for Lunou


Bluemoon logo by Arafat Hossain for Fixdpark


Slingcoin – Logo Design by Jeroen van Eerden


GameOne – Concept Logo by Ilya Gorchanyuk


Nu-Tone & co by Erod ., Steven Roberts, Margot Boudreau, Nicolas Ramirez and Melanie Paquet


APE Branding by Eddie Lobanovskiy for unfold

North Dunedin Baptist Church Logo Design by Elif Kameşoğlu for Elbu Studio




Moqui Logo Design (Unused Concept) by Md. Ashraful Islam


Fedo & Leather by Tamara Radke


Green Truck by Yuri Kartashev


Bee coffee logo by Sajal Saha


Gipe Branding by Hueller Figueredo


Hotfont brand design. by Baianat ­


Xicrof Technologies by David Espinosa IDS




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