hand lettering inspiration december 2022 - What’s Not Cooking? Food Lettering Series by Belinda Kou
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Beautiful Typography & Hand Lettering Works – December 2022

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There are lots of hand lettering works featured to inspire you this month; being the last month of the year. But of course, there are also a font type and other typography artworks you will love in this collection.

Among the featured works are by Nicolaas Kotzé, Ekaterina Vasilevskaya, Fatih Hardal and Afdzal Ahmad. Check out their typography projects in this blog post.

Lettering Collection 2019 Edition by Jamar Cave


NBA Store Berlin by Nicolaas Kotzé


Lettering Style Challenge | 2022 by Aurelie Maron


International Women`s day by Ekaterina Vasilevskaya


Chalk Typography by Aurelie Maron


Fachadas Rappi_Propuesta by Camila Vásquez


What’s Not Cooking? Food Lettering Series by Belinda Kou



FH Ensō (Font Family) by Fatih Hardal




Cartridge Font Coming Soon by Dan Cederholm




RIP DILLA by Zach Halfhill


W Type by Sunbzy


letter a by Yuri Kartashev


Summer Camp Music Fest by Zach Halfhill


Back to the future by Marco Galván


Spin. by MadeByStudioJQ


Dynamic Typography Experiment by Alty


Let’s go north by Florian Grunt


Who will win? by Afdzal Ahmad


Spicy by David L. Wehmeyer






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